Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sewing Sunday

And not just Sunday . . .
I have had a bit more time at the sewing table this week.

I have started quilting my NYC Metro Mod Bee Quilt.
I am stitching in the ditch to start, to anchor
the whole thing, then I think I might just try some free motion quilting.
I need to brush up on my skill set there!

Here is the layering process.
I decided to try doing it on the floor this time around.
Gosh I must be getting old, because my knees were sore!

Here is the back, I did get the wrinkles out first.
I love this fabric, so summery.

I had to roll up my carpet to have enough room 
to lay out the whole thing.
See the yellow towel on the floor?
I, of course, dumped over a whole glass of water 
while I was moving things around.
Guess that's better than red wine!

I have also been working on the whites/lights challenge
My fabrics probably have more color than other participants,
but I am a color girl, so it's hard to find so many neutrals in my stash.

These blocks are hard to photograph, and the light inside 
my apartment is not so great.
Too lazy to haul them outside.
I now have ten blocks, 12.5 inches square. 
I can see this becoming a pretty big quilt!

Are you sewing today?  If not what are you up to??

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I really didn't mean to . . . . 
Well, no one twisted my arm either,
they didn't have to!

I have been on a fabric diet for too long,
and as with food diets, you just shouldn't eliminate what
you love cold turkey, right?!

So I bought lots of fabric,
some pillow forms, thread, whites-lights fat quarters . . .
It could have been oh so much worse! 

What I went in for was border and binding fabric for my 
Triangles Galore Bee Block top.  Sigh. 

So the moral of the story is . . . 
Don't go on a diet! Everything in moderation.  Hehehe!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Is it Monday already?

I usually post on Sundays,
but yesterday I played hooky and went to the
beach with the kid.
We had a beautiful day with her friends.

But, I have been sewing this past week,
I put together my NYC Modern bee blocks.
I love them!
Now I'm fiddling with border ideas
because I want it just a bit bigger.

I also join the whites-lights challenge over at 15 min play.
I am quickly finding out that my whites-lights
have more color in them than maybe someone else would choose.
It's fun to see what you and others think as light.

Most of the fabric in my stash is bright and vibrant!
I love color!  The richer the better.

So here are my first four white-light blocks.
For me, these are really light,
but for others, this is a lot of color.
I'm not sure where this challenge is going,
but that's the fun of it right?
I am going to relax, go with the flow,
and see where we end up!

I also did some bee blocks for Nicole.

This is going to be such a striking quilt,
can't wait to see it all done!

And lastly,
It is the end of summer . . . 

Enjoy these last few days of sunshine and warmth!
Time to find the jackets . . . 

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Finish!

Blue and White Quilt finished 
and delivered to the bride and groom.

Couldn't resist the photo opts at the beach.
I've been trying to spend as much time at the beach as I can,
winter is only a breath away.

A pieced back . . .
a piece of Marimekko from my sister
and a few scraps from the front finish out the back.

I called this one Dimples because of all the polka dots,
and because the bride, (my former girl scout),
has the cutest dimples ever!

So glad this quilt is in it's new home.

My friend Anne was cleaning out her basement last week
and while we were at the beach photographing quilts, we also dug through
the back of her car looking at fabric!
Fabric and the beach! Yum.
I was so good, I only took what I really thought I would use!
These have all been washed and pressed.

And to finish up the weekend,
a bee block for Binita!

A couple days late, but it is the lazy hazy last days of summer.
Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend!