Friday, December 21, 2012

Making a Terrairum

Being an apartment dweller these days,
I decided I needed a little terrarium to brighten up my place.

It was quite easy to put together.
First I found a glass jar with a lid.

I layered the bottom with sand and then big rocks.

This photo should have been first, I don't know why blogger
rearranges my pictures.  I guess it thinks it knows best.  Ha!
Here are my supplies gathered from the beach
and the local greenhouse.

So back to the layering.
Sand, rocks, shells, sea glass . . .

Potting Soil . . . 

I love the look of the shells and sea glass in there.
I had a big bowl of sea glass from all my gatherings 
at different beaches around the world.
My BIL will laugh at this, but the glass is being put to good use now.

Little plants and ferns and succulents added in.

And a couple of shells in the midst.
The kid thinks is needs a tiny gnome.
I think I agree, will need to hunt one done.

So here is my little peace of heaven.
Be grateful. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bambi Shapiro Returns!

It has been a very sad few days here in Connecticut . . .
and for the whole world I suppose.
When innocence is lost, it seems that nothing will ever be the same again.
There must be a greater plan, but right now it is hard to see.
I guess that is why we have faith.

I was very lucky to spend Saturday with my good buddy 
Bambi Shapiro (not her real name of course!)
It was comforting to have a friend to talk to,
to contemplate with . . . .
And the distraction of sewing was a nice respite from the sorrow.

Bambi is working on a beautiful quilt-as-you go piece.
Don't you love those colors?!

She was practicing her free motion quilting and
she is so good at it!
It's hard to use someone else's machine and
keep the grove and figure it out,
but she did an amazing job!

She got many rows sewn together . . . 

I decided to work on a quilted scarf.
I just love the ease of flying geese, and paper piecing.

I made 13 four geese rows and put them together.
Changing the direction of the geese for variety.

Then of course you need to pick all the paper off the back!
Mindless work that was gratefully accepted at the time.

I cut the batting a quarter of an inch small on all sides
so that I could sew this together with the back and turn it inside out.

A little spray bast kept is all together until I turned it and quilted it.

Bambi advised me to go light on the quilting 
or it would be too stiff to wrap around a neck.

She was right of course, and I did very simple straight line
quilting up and down and around the edges.

Here is my lamp modeling the finished product.
It is warm and cozy and bright and cheery!

Bambi & I also went to the luncheonette 
across the street and had a late lunch.
I love this place so much!
The owner hangs a million decorations from the ceiling
for each holiday.
It's hard to photograph, but it is wonderful 
to be there in person!

So, at the end of this weekend,
I will continue to think about the things I am grateful for, 
and I will pray that the families in Newtown Connecticut find some peace.
Please put them in your prayers too.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Catching up . . .

Where do the days go?
I seem to be quite distracted these days,
and haven't been doing a lot of sewing.

 I did finish my Whites-Lights quilt in time for our 
Metro Mod Guild meeting last weekend.
I love the way it turned out.
The quilting took a while, but was totally worth it!

This quilt is off at it's new home,
and was greatly appreciated by the special person who received it.

I also finally got my November Bee block off in the mail!
Sorry Dorothy!
I made you two, and they were fun!

My Jack Frost wreath got a bow and was dropped off
at the Nature Center for their auction.
I hope it did well . . . 

And now onto a new project!
I should really finish one of the 8 tops I have, but . . .

Look at all that yummy color just calling to me!
Ha!  Hope you are enjoying the weekend and the holidays.