Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mermaids . . .

 Mermaids . . . 
People ask me all the time,
"What's with the Mermaids?"

Well, I'll tell you.
When I was a very young girl I was afraid 
of the water.  I had to take swimming lessons
in the ocean and that made me nervous.
(Very Nervous!)

So I longed to be a mermaid.
This was before Splash 
and the Disney movie.
I just wanted to be able to swim
and fast!

I also had strawberry blonde hair, 
and 45 years ago that was 
not as common as it is today.

Or so I thought.
As I got older I noticed lots of 
other red headed kids.

We have a kind of brother/sisterhood.
Red headed kids can get bullied.

 I started collecting mermaids . . . All these photos came from my friend Anne who has been touring the south states these last five weeks and she sends me a picture of a mermaid every time she sees one!

This picture above, as you can see is my new banner.
This mermaid has the same hair I did 20 years ago,
same color and down to her bum!                                                                                                                  

                        These two mermaids below are hanging in my house.  I don't have tons of mermaids
                           around these days, but I do still dream of being one.  They are mystical and exotic
                            and fun to dream about . . . .  I'm still not the best swimmer, but that doesn't seem to
                                 matter anymore.  The mermaid on the top is made from an old fence slat with can
                               pop tops as her bra and a Canada Dry tin can cut up for her tall.  Love that.

This is picture below is one of my favorite pictures from Anne.
She looks like a siren right?

I guess the naughty siren part of it is more appealing now that I'm older.
Haha.  We all want to still have it going on right?! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sweat Shop Monday . . . . and other things . . . .

All good intentions at the sweat shop today  . . .
And not as much production as anticipated, 
but really if you have fun does it matter?
I think not!

The kid made good progress on her scrappy trip around the world.

Gidget didn't feel like sewing, but she and Mocha 
showed up for lunch and giggles!
I love my Mocha girl!  

I made a few STAW blocks myself.
Only about 6 or 7 left to do,
which is good, because I'm getting bored.
But!  Because I jumped ahead and finished my Gypsy top,
I can move right onto to a new project!
Haha.  I am a conniver and justifier always!
Know it and accept it!

This quilt will be going to the pay by check quilter!

on another note . . . 
My friend Anne who has been traipsing 
around the southern states with a multitude of friends,
has been sending me mermaid pictures wherever they find them.

I will be doing a post on mermaids this week.
My beloved mermaids!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gypsy Quilt Done!

I have jumped ahead in my quest for every other project
being a finish of an old top.
While my scrappy trip around the world is languishing on my cutting board,
I finished my gypsy quilt which is going to a silent auction fundraiser.

I do love this quilt.
I will probably bid on it myself!
Haha.  I know, I could make another, 
but the second time around isn't as fun as the first right?!

I also made a bee block today for Kim in our Metro Mod Bee.
This one challenged my feeble brain, but I made it through!

on another note . . . 
I have passed the scrappy trip addiction to the kid.
She is making a quilt for a very good friend of hers.

And as tomorrow is a holiday for some . . .
The sweat shop will be open for business.
Hopefully I will have some silliness to report!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quick and Modern!

McCall's Quilting & McCall's Quick Quilts
have a great ebook out on Modern Quilt Patterns.

There are three cute projects in the ebook geared for beginners.

This one is a block inside a block pattern 
and would be great to showcase some of your favorite fabrics.
Wouldn't this look wonderful in a little girls room?

This second quilt, is a quilt as you go, easy strip quilt.
You know I love these colors right!?!!

I have never made a quilt as you go this large, it measures 45"x 60"
It's an interesting idea.  
When I use the quilt as you go method, I usually quilt the separate blocks and then put
them together with sashing on both the front and back.
I might have to try this technique!
Click here for this free ebook and try something new today!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sewing Sunday

It's been a great weekend for sewing here in the Northeast . . .
They closed down the roads in Connecticut,
so I was practically ordered to stay home and sew!  Hehe

I made good progress on my scrappy trip around the world.
I thought I was done with 48 blocks . . . 
But I think I want this one to fit my bed,
So bigger it will get!

I have 49 blocks now . . . I think I'll go to 64.

I also dragged out an previously pieced top, (PPT)
(nicer sounding than UFO I think)
to finish off for a charity silent auction.

This is my gypsy top that I pieced about two years ago.

A disappearing nine patch.
Straight line quilting about every two inches in both directions.
I will be so happy to find this quilt a home and raise some moola for a good cause.
And I will also be so happy to go back to work tomorrow and shed the cabin fever!
Did you doing anything fun this weekend?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Storm Nemo . . .

Not as bad as we thought it would be . . . 

Roads are closed to driving, but I took a little walk . . . 

They say about 18" and no power outages here . . . 

The roads are mostly clear  . . . 

I believe it is a sewing day!
I'll show you tomorrow what I got accomplished.
Stay warm and safe! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Quilty Weekend . . . .

Even though the temperatures here have been mighty chilly,
I ventured into the city both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.

Always tons of fun to see all my quilting buddies!

Three of our group quilts were on display.
So great to see them up close again.
This quilt was based on Stripes.

This quilt is our Cheddar quilt.
(Sorry the colors are so wacky in my photos)

This was our first group quilt,
Everyone brought a strip and we pieced them together.
Looks like the Princess and the Pea bed!

We also had our Kandinsky challenge up,
Just a couple more blocks to add.
For this challenge, Michelle cut up a color copy of the painting,
and each participant took a part and interpreted it in their own style.
It really looks remarkable in person.
Can't wait to see it all finished.

This is one of my faves from the show and tell.
Really cool.
You will be able to see all the show and tell 
on the Mod Blog in a few days.

As I was walking back to the train Saturday,
I saw this bar decorated for Mardi Gras.
Is it that time of year already??

Then onto Sunday's adventures.
David, Earamichia and I met to discuss ideas for
a challenge quilt we are collarborating on.
Many ideas flying and giggles thrown around 
and I think we have a great idea.  No pictures of any of that until June!

But . . . as we were lying around the floor contemplating, 
Earamicha jumped up and said,
"Okay we are going to make quick improve blocks showing who we are.
We will just cut and glue and see where this goes."
In about two minutes she set up a table and chairs,
whipped out a box a great fabric and three pairs of scissors.

It was tremendous fun!
Everyone got pretty quiet really fast.
Below is David's.

This one is Earamichia's.

And of course, you would know this is mine! 

So not a lot of "sewing" going on this weekend.
I did work on my hexies a bit.  
I really need to finish this one, it's getting too big to call
"my take with me" project.

As I walked back to the train on 125th street,
I spied this fabulous mosaic.

You know I can't pass up drinking in all that color!
Did you do something fun this weekend?
I hope so!

Friday, February 1, 2013

OMG! Look what I got in the mail today!

I won the giveaway on Kim's blog!
She was giving away Victoria's book in honor of her (Kim's) birthday.
I never win anything!  Haha.

But boy did I hit the jackpot today.
Along with Victoria's book came 100 quarter yard pieces of fabric!
Thank you so much Kim!!  I see a few beauties in there already.
I can't wait to go fondle them now.
Victoria . . . will you sign my book tomorrow when I see you??