Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mermaids . . .

 Mermaids . . . 
People ask me all the time,
"What's with the Mermaids?"

Well, I'll tell you.
When I was a very young girl I was afraid 
of the water.  I had to take swimming lessons
in the ocean and that made me nervous.
(Very Nervous!)

So I longed to be a mermaid.
This was before Splash 
and the Disney movie.
I just wanted to be able to swim
and fast!

I also had strawberry blonde hair, 
and 45 years ago that was 
not as common as it is today.

Or so I thought.
As I got older I noticed lots of 
other red headed kids.

We have a kind of brother/sisterhood.
Red headed kids can get bullied.

 I started collecting mermaids . . . All these photos came from my friend Anne who has been touring the south states these last five weeks and she sends me a picture of a mermaid every time she sees one!

This picture above, as you can see is my new banner.
This mermaid has the same hair I did 20 years ago,
same color and down to her bum!                                                                                                                  

                        These two mermaids below are hanging in my house.  I don't have tons of mermaids
                           around these days, but I do still dream of being one.  They are mystical and exotic
                            and fun to dream about . . . .  I'm still not the best swimmer, but that doesn't seem to
                                 matter anymore.  The mermaid on the top is made from an old fence slat with can
                               pop tops as her bra and a Canada Dry tin can cut up for her tall.  Love that.

This is picture below is one of my favorite pictures from Anne.
She looks like a siren right?

I guess the naughty siren part of it is more appealing now that I'm older.
Haha.  We all want to still have it going on right?! 


  1. What a great collection. I love the one with the seahorses and conch chariot!

  2. what fun. i always wondered and now i know. my son has red, curly hair and i think people with any shade of red hair are the lucky ones.

  3. As I remember swimming in the Atlantic was COLD as well as scarry. I can totally connect. Now we know where the exotic name originated.
    Say your staw block on AHQ nice. I'm going visiting (work) on Wednesday so will see it for real.

  4. I love the story behind your name. It is bewitching. No, not a redhead, but I wish I had been!