Monday, October 28, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2013 . . . . second entry

When I realized I could enter a second quilt in the festival,
I just had to enter my DWR block!

My guild, the NYC Metro Mod Guild
is sponsoring a DWR Challenge.
I am a judge, so I can't enter the competition,
but I can show it here!  Hehehe.

I started with a hunk of "made fabric" a la Victoria.

Then I cut the curves.

Used a million pins.
I'm not afraid of curved piecing, and you shouldn't be either!

I put a nice black and white border on it.

I just love this little quilt.
In fact, someone asked me if it was a placemat!
It's about 17" in diameter.
So then I thought . . . 
What a great idea!  Wedding ring place mats for wedding presents!
I'm on it!  Going to whip some up.

I used this great Matisse fabric for the backing.

The DWR Challenge is open right now.  The deadline is December 1st.
Lots of great prizes.  Give it a whirl!  It's not hard at all.

Amy!  Thank you for another great festival.
And the chance to enter two quilts!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall 2013

It's that time again!  Amy has put together another
This is such a great event in the quilting community.
We get to see what inspires everyone,
and what they are up to.

So if you are new to my blog, welcome!
And if you have been here before, welcome back!

This time around I am showing a medallion quilt that I have just finished.
This quilt is very special to me for a number of reasons.

I started the middle blocks thinking I would make a quilt like this one
Funny enough, I showed that quilt last fall.
More on that in a bit.

Then I was asked to make a quilt for a donation to a special charity.
So I took those four center blocks and started on my way.
I used a inspiration quilt from Kathy's Material Obsession.

As usual, I jumped right in with no plan or measurements.
I did some flying geese and corner stones.  I added a striped border.
Then . . . 
I changed a few things.  I didn't like the small striped border above,
So I switched it out with a smaller green border below.

I loved the finished top so much!
And it would be hard to part with . . . but . . .

I chose channel quilting, using the edge of my presser foot
to measure the width of the 

A Denise Schmidt print for the binding.

I love to photograph my quilts at the beach!
The sun is so great this time of year.

I love a pieced backing.  The backing didn't  photograph so well, but I love the polka dots
on the bottom half of this quilt.  My new favorite!

So where is this donation quilt going you ask?

Well, I didn't talk about it here, but last year I had breast cancer.
There, I said it.  I want this place to be about creativity and moving forward.
I wasn't ready to "let the world" know.
And now that I have moved forward, it is easier to talk about it.
I am fine.
I won.
I don't ever give up.

My darling daughter, "the kid," took amazing care of me last year.
There were only giggles and hope.
Maybe a couple of tears, but honestly not many.
So the quilt that I showed last year at this festival, was a gift to her for all that she so 
selflessly did for me.

It is only fitting that this new quilt with the same stars goes to a cause so close to my heart.

 This quilt is going to the Breast Cancer Alliance silent auction
in two weeks in Greenwich, CT.  I hope they make a ton of dough!

And here is a picture of me with my new niece a few weeks ago.

Life goes on, hair grows back.
Never give up!
Thank you Amy for another wonderful festival.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Greatest Possible Trust

 This past weekend took me to Lowell, MA 
I had never been to Lowell or the museum before.
Lowell is a darling little town.  Lots of charm.

The Museum is in the historic district.

I was there for the Roots of Modern Quilting exhibit,
and to see my friend Victoria's quilt.
She is doing a series of her Double Wedding Ring Quilts,
and this one is number three of twelve.

Greatest Possible Trust!
It is awe inspiring to say the least.
(the museum allowed photography, 
but you couldn't post them to your blog or website).

 I don't have a close up of the quilting,
so that means you will have to get yourself up there to see it in person!
It is wonderful!  The detail is amazing.  You can see all twelve quilts in Victoria's series next June
I am going to try to make it to Wisconsin next spring, 
so this is definitely on my list!  

Victoria also loaned out her grandmother Elda Wolfe's
quilt for exhibit too.
There were a few rooms that displayed quilts from the 70's, 80's and 90's
during the last resurgence of quilting.
These quilts show that "modern" quilting has been around for
a very long time!  There are always artisans that push the envelope
no matter what the time period.  So refreshing!

 Well, since I can't show you any of the other yummy quilts
at the show, here is a stained glass window in the gift shop.

I headed to my family after the show,
We had to stop in Salem for a walk about,
October is their busiest time.  
And the people watching is hilarious!  
Even the animals have costumes.  I don't have any pics, 
I always feel intrusive if I'm taking a photo for my own person twisted sense of humor.

Finished up my donation wreath too.
Just needs a big red bow.
I think I will try making it out a fabric.
If it doesn't work, there is always wired ribbon right?

Happy Columbus Day!  Hope you enjoyed your day.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Medallion Quilt, the saga continues . . . .

I have been slowing working on this medallion quilt
for a donation to the Breast Cancer Alliance for their silent auction.

I thought I would use up some of the blocks from my fractured quilt,
But they seemed to uniform.
So I tried making those same blocks with contrasting fabric,
some wonky pinwheels . . .

Better, but I need more movement.  That blue and yellow one crashed with a thud!
Still, something is missing . . .

The pinwheels were all going in the same direction,
so I made one in the opposite direction and Voila!
There are more to be made!

It's moving in the right direction now,
But . . .  It needs something else.
I think I will brew on this for a bit.

As promised here is the inspiration piece from Material Obsession.
I think I need smaller pieced blocks.  And spiky things.

on another note.
I am working on these beauties too.
From Victoria's 15 min play class this past week.

That girl knows how to push you out of your comfort zone!
What have you bee up to??

Saturday, October 5, 2013

NYC Metro Mod Meeting . . .

Today was our first NYC Metro Mod Guild meeting of the new season.
And my first meeting as the Prezzy of the Guild.
I must admit I was a bit nervous going in . . . 
 . . . . but, we had a great meeting with lots of giggles and shenanigans.

To start off we issued a Fall Challenge.
Everyone got into groups of about four and had to design a "fall" block.
We provided the fabric, cutting boards, etc,
and members brought their hand sewing supplies.

At first there was some milling about . . . 

Lots of discussion.

And then the fingers and needles started to fly!

There were lots of giggles!

And concentration.

And as I said, shenanigans!

I was a bit worried because we had no sewing machines,
but everyone rose to the occasion.

At one point this group was all sewing their block at the same time.
I wish I had gotten a picture of that!

 Here are most of the blocks completed.
(Sorry for the poor lighting, these blocks really sing)
Some went home to be finished.
We decided that people could bring more fall blocks to the next meeting
to make this little beauty grow bigger.

We will raffle the finished product some time next year.
All told, it was a great first meeting!
Thank you to everyone who came and joined in.
And especially to my great board members who made it so easy for me!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A day of tremendous fun!

Today I got to play hooky from work and spend the day in the city
with the fabulous Victoria Findley Wolfe!
She was teaching one of her amazing classes and I just couldn't pass it up.

An added bonus was the peeps in the room!
Emily was my table partner and made me laugh all day.
As well as trying to steal my pieces to incorporate into her own.
You have to watch her every minute!  :)

Our cheeky teacher!
She really knows how to rock a class room I tell you!

 Great tips on thinking outside the box.
She showed us a few techniques we were all eager to learn.
Very supportive!

Here is one of the pieces I worked on.

A much easier foundation piecing than I have used in the past.

I need to figure out what my center will be on this one.

I also brought along my blocks from Victoria's color challenge on her 
15 mins play site from a year ago.
I am stuck. I need some help from the pro.
These are my "yoga" stars.

Victoria encouraged me to move them around 
and mix it up.
Earamichia suggested making them the center of a bigger block.

Another idea was to make them a border and fill the center.
All great ideas!
Thanks for the help ladies!

The beginning of the day had me diving into the scrap table!

Really!  So much fun!  If you get a chance to take one of Victoria's
classes, you should!  Get on that already!
Thanks V!