Monday, October 14, 2013

Greatest Possible Trust

 This past weekend took me to Lowell, MA 
I had never been to Lowell or the museum before.
Lowell is a darling little town.  Lots of charm.

The Museum is in the historic district.

I was there for the Roots of Modern Quilting exhibit,
and to see my friend Victoria's quilt.
She is doing a series of her Double Wedding Ring Quilts,
and this one is number three of twelve.

Greatest Possible Trust!
It is awe inspiring to say the least.
(the museum allowed photography, 
but you couldn't post them to your blog or website).

 I don't have a close up of the quilting,
so that means you will have to get yourself up there to see it in person!
It is wonderful!  The detail is amazing.  You can see all twelve quilts in Victoria's series next June
I am going to try to make it to Wisconsin next spring, 
so this is definitely on my list!  

Victoria also loaned out her grandmother Elda Wolfe's
quilt for exhibit too.
There were a few rooms that displayed quilts from the 70's, 80's and 90's
during the last resurgence of quilting.
These quilts show that "modern" quilting has been around for
a very long time!  There are always artisans that push the envelope
no matter what the time period.  So refreshing!

 Well, since I can't show you any of the other yummy quilts
at the show, here is a stained glass window in the gift shop.

I headed to my family after the show,
We had to stop in Salem for a walk about,
October is their busiest time.  
And the people watching is hilarious!  
Even the animals have costumes.  I don't have any pics, 
I always feel intrusive if I'm taking a photo for my own person twisted sense of humor.

Finished up my donation wreath too.
Just needs a big red bow.
I think I will try making it out a fabric.
If it doesn't work, there is always wired ribbon right?

Happy Columbus Day!  Hope you enjoyed your day.

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