Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall 2013

It's that time again!  Amy has put together another
This is such a great event in the quilting community.
We get to see what inspires everyone,
and what they are up to.

So if you are new to my blog, welcome!
And if you have been here before, welcome back!

This time around I am showing a medallion quilt that I have just finished.
This quilt is very special to me for a number of reasons.

I started the middle blocks thinking I would make a quilt like this one
Funny enough, I showed that quilt last fall.
More on that in a bit.

Then I was asked to make a quilt for a donation to a special charity.
So I took those four center blocks and started on my way.
I used a inspiration quilt from Kathy's Material Obsession.

As usual, I jumped right in with no plan or measurements.
I did some flying geese and corner stones.  I added a striped border.
Then . . . 
I changed a few things.  I didn't like the small striped border above,
So I switched it out with a smaller green border below.

I loved the finished top so much!
And it would be hard to part with . . . but . . .

I chose channel quilting, using the edge of my presser foot
to measure the width of the 

A Denise Schmidt print for the binding.

I love to photograph my quilts at the beach!
The sun is so great this time of year.

I love a pieced backing.  The backing didn't  photograph so well, but I love the polka dots
on the bottom half of this quilt.  My new favorite!

So where is this donation quilt going you ask?

Well, I didn't talk about it here, but last year I had breast cancer.
There, I said it.  I want this place to be about creativity and moving forward.
I wasn't ready to "let the world" know.
And now that I have moved forward, it is easier to talk about it.
I am fine.
I won.
I don't ever give up.

My darling daughter, "the kid," took amazing care of me last year.
There were only giggles and hope.
Maybe a couple of tears, but honestly not many.
So the quilt that I showed last year at this festival, was a gift to her for all that she so 
selflessly did for me.

It is only fitting that this new quilt with the same stars goes to a cause so close to my heart.

 This quilt is going to the Breast Cancer Alliance silent auction
in two weeks in Greenwich, CT.  I hope they make a ton of dough!

And here is a picture of me with my new niece a few weeks ago.

Life goes on, hair grows back.
Never give up!
Thank you Amy for another wonderful festival.


  1. Amazing quilt from an amazing quilter. I'm so lucky to know you! Hope the quilt raises lots of $!!!

  2. A wonderful quilt and story. Thank you.

  3. Such an inspiring story - and an awesome quilt!

  4. What a wonderful story. And your quilt is beyond amazing. My husband's mother was a 36-year survivor of breast cancer, and she passed away well into her 80s, it was from something completely unrelated to the breast cancer. I hope your quilt raises a lot of money.

  5. That's a medallion and then some! Gorgeous work.

    And way to kick cancer's ass! My mum is a survivor and I'm grateful every day.

  6. Fabulous quilt and a lovely story to share. I like your mantra.

  7. oh Lisa !! It (the quilt) is fabulous ... you are such an inspiration and one tough chick!

    Holy cats ..... the big C ... well, ain't nothing to a determined quilter is it .... proud of you !


  8. a beautiful quilt and a wonderful charity donation. Glad to hear you are doing well!

  9. I clicked on your quilt because of the fun design and colors. But, reading your post made me cry. I'm so happy for you! What a great donation! Your a beautiful person!

  10. Wonderful quilt and story! Good for you kicking the "c"'s butt.

  11. This is such a fabulous quilt, so vibrant and full of happy oomph! What a great story too!

  12. Great post, great post, well done.

  13. So glad you had your daughter to help you through. The medallion quilt is a special gift and both quilts together make a wonderful story of love and determination.

  14. Congrats on many fronts. The personal one, goes without saying...the love of your family shines thru, and your courage will be the shine the next one needs! The quilt is another bright and shiney star to make someones day better. Incredible!

  15. This is the kind of quilt that really sings to me! I love all the activity within your quilt. Loved your post and wish you well in your cancer free journey. You are definitely my kind of quilter!