Sunday, January 17, 2016

The "Dreaded" T-shirt Quilt . . . . .

 I have said for years that I have no desire to make
a t-shirt quilt.  Not appealing.  All the "jersey" to cut.

But when you get a request from your buddy,
to make a t-shirt quilt for her daughter,
well, what can you say?

So I bought a bolt of Pellon 906F lightweight interfacing 
and started hacking up t-shirts.

 First I cut up the parts that I wanted to use,
and then I backed them with the interfacing and trimed them.
I threw them up on the design wall in random order.

Then the fun puzzling of pieces began.
This is the part I LOVED doing. 
Measuring, piecing, making it work!
I forgot to take picture during this part. (Sorry)
I added in plain t-shirt pieces to fill in the holes
and even it out.

I used partial seams to get it all together and lay flat.
I'm proud to say I only had one little pucker!

So I was off to my friend Veronica's house for the quilting.
Veronica just bought a long arm quilting system.
It is awesome!
She has a background in computer graphics,
so she is a whiz at this system.

Veronica showed me how to use it,
but really, she is the one who quilted this, I watched.

We chose an all over stipple pattern 
that is really great for this kind of quilt. 


Three hours later, ready to bind!
I'm happy to say the quilt has been delivered,
and the recipient is thrilled!
Glad I have done a t-shirt quilt, probably won't do another.

Veronica has started a business making t-shirt quilts
and doing long arm quilting out of her home.
If you are interested in her services, please leave a comment
and I will put you in touch with her.