Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Projects #23

There was some sewing around here this weekend . . .

I finished the binding on my curvy kaffe quilt . . .

That quilt will be heading off to it's new home in about two weeks.

Time to throw it on my bed so I can infuse it with love before it goes!

I am going to see my Mom next weekend and

I want to bring her something handmade.

We always give each other handmade gifts, and I just love that!

She is retired and living in a condo, so small things are good.

I dressed up these tea towels for her.

They were so fun to put together.

I pieced a strip for the center and then added two borders,

(You can see I am loving my black and white JP fabric!)

Then I ironed the seam allowance and machine stitched it to the towel.

I know she will love them!

I love them!

I will be making some more of these for sure.

on another note . . . .

My house was so chilly this morning that I had to build a fire.

Imagine my surprise when I ventured outside a few hours

later and it was 68*! hahaha.

Mother Nature, time to stop fooling with us,

let's just call it even and let spring come!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

It is finally sunny and 65* here today!


I finished mending this little beauty yesterday.

It was a much bigger job than I thought.

This is the blanket I bought at a tag sale for 8 dollars,

and now I know why . . .

I had to mend almost every intersection.

Which really wasn't so bad, I just did it

while I was watching the tube.

It really is so retro and fun.

I can just imagine some one's grandma crocheting away . . .

Glad I saved it from being tossed.

on another note . . . .

My garden is really starting to pop!

The bleeding hearts are blooming.

The Hyacinth are almost done,

and the peonies in the bottom left corner

are just peaking through.

Peonies are my faves, don't tell the rest of the garden!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

12 X 12 Swap

I finished this sweet little block for a swap challenge

I wanted to make mine look like a mini version

of my leftovers quilt, so I had to put a little tree in there!

I had so much fun making this block, I think I'll make a few more!

It will go off to my swap mate in a couple of weeks,

can't tell you who . .

it's a surprise!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Projects #22

I bought this bag of scraps at the Quilter's Alley yesterday

while I was picking up the lastest quilt that Roxanne quilted for me.

Why I am I so drawn to scraps??

I seem to value them more than yardage.

It must be the thrift shop person in me . . . hehehe

Not sure what I will make with all these scraps, but the colors are great,

maybe a baby quilt . . . like I need another project!

This is my Curvy Kaffe quilt.

It just needs the binding . . . I have decided to send out my bigger quilt tops to be finished,

because I know I will just keep procastinating on them . . .

So every couple of months I pick one to send off.

Is this cheating??? Nope, I need to get these done!

Roxanne does a great job and always is very helpful in the

choosing of patterns and threads. I decided on an all over stipple this time because there were alot of seams in the top.
I picked out this Jennifer Paganelli Flower Power

for the binding! I just love this and think it will contain

all that wild Kaffe color.

The sun is shining today! A happy surprise because we were supposed to

have rain all day. I am putting on my sneaks and getting outside!

Who knows when the sun will show up again . . .

What are you doing today???

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Saturday

I do appreciate that we need April Showers to bring May flowers,

but . . .

could we have just a couple days in a row with sunshine too??

I found this little lovely at a tag sale,

8 dollars!! Can you believe someone parted with this for 8 dollars??

It needs a little repair work,

just the thing to snuggle under and mend

on this cold rainy day!

I think this will live on the end of my guest bed . . .

It's nice to mix up quilts and crocheted blankets,

I love to mix textures and colors.

* * * * * * *

These funny little magnets were the craft for girl's night this week.

Twice a month I host a mother-daughter crafts night at my house.

We all take turns planning the craft.

Gidget came up with this one . . . Button Flower Magnets!

Lots of glue and layering of buttons with a magnet on the back.

You could make it a pin too, but we did get any takers on that one!

Girls craft night is really just an excuse to get together

and giggle the night away . . .

Sometimes we even do the craft!! hehehe

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Projects #21

Today I worked on little swap quilt for

Victoria challenged us to use only our scraps

and make a 12' square that incorporates "made fabric."

I wanted to make a little leftovers quilt . . . .

so I started by paper piecing a few very tiny blocks.

A little tree, some wonky geese and a couple block in blocks.

I needed lots of made fabric to fill in and I think it ended up pretty well.

I love the little tree. I think I'll make another seeing as this beauty is going

to live somewhere else.

I must admit that I didn't get much else sewn together

this weekend . . .

I finally took the plunge and got an IPhone . . .

I gave up my really old, number key pad only phone . . .

Txting was a slow process on the old phone,

and now it's even slower! hahaha.

I have to get used to this key touch pad,

and everything else about this phone.

I am going into the 21st century kicking and screaming.

Surprised I'm not a hand sewer really. hehehe!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Projects #20

Today was a quiet Sunday,

and I really needed it.

I have been go, go going for the last 10 days,

and while I love it,

sometimes you just need to do nothing.

Well, not nothing, but less.

I started a little scarf with some yarn I bought

online at the Stitchuary.

I met Lori and Susan in a sewing class

and they told me all about their new website.

It's pretty cool, you can search yarn by many different categories,

breed of sheep, location where the sheep live,

types of yarns . . . .

I would really recommend checking it out,

even if you aren't a yarny person.

This yarn is made from 100% Merino Sheep

from a Northeast Farm.


I dragged out this little bag I made a few years ago.

I always use it in the spring,

it kind of jump starts the season for me.

I made the bag from a pair of child's jeans

that I bought at the thrift shop.

It was pretty easy to do. I just chopped off the legs and did a box pleat bottom. I covered a piece of cardboard with the extra jean fabric and put that in the bottom of the bag to keep it flat. I love this bag because it's not big and it has lots of little pockets all the way around. You could put any belt in you want. I used a cute little scarf that I rolled on this bag. I have also made ribbon belts to go on them too. Now I just need the weather to get warm enough to wear flip flops and I'm off to the beach! Hahaha. I think I have a while to wait. What did you do this Sunday???

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Metro Mod Quilter's Meeting April 2011

Today was our bi-monthly Metro Mod Quilter's meeting in NYC.

Hosted by the lovely Victoria once again!

Always my favorite gathering!

Amy pieced the top of our curved block challenge.

(She is holding it up hiding behind it!)

I will piece a back and give it to her

so she can quilt the whole thing.

(I got off easy!)

Here is Helen's vest!

She has really been making the rounds with this one.

The opera, the red & white quilt show, out to dinner.

I need to get me one of those!!

Please stop by here to vote for her wear-able piece in the Quilting Gallery Contest!

This is Jessica's quilt. It was part of a bee she did a while ago and has now put it together. It came out great!
This is David's "play" quilt. Apparently he has a million of the

squares and this is how he put them together. Really stunning!
Andrea took David's top at the last meeting and

added the sun rays, which she paper pieced.

Smashing out come don't you think?

Kim is going to quilt it.

This is Margaret's little piece . . .

How cute it that!!

Another sun beam at the top.

Victoria's little princess B showed us what she

has been working on. She doesn't want to do the applique,

and was asking it someone wanted to do it for her . . .

The child learns quickly let me tell you!

Delightful that she wanted to play along with us.

This is our next challenge quilt.

All striped blocks.

I must say it was making me dizzy at first,

but with all those creative minds at work,

it is now looking pretty fabulous.

Onto the raffles!!!

Andrea really wanted the free haircut and she

told little princess B to "pick Andrea, pick Andrea!:

And wouldn't you know the power of persuasion,

princess B picked Andrea's name!

Sometimes the gods are just with you.

So that was my wonderful day in NYC . . .
I just love going into NYC,

especially to laugh and spend

time with all these creative minds!