Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Projects #21

Today I worked on little swap quilt for

Victoria challenged us to use only our scraps

and make a 12' square that incorporates "made fabric."

I wanted to make a little leftovers quilt . . . .

so I started by paper piecing a few very tiny blocks.

A little tree, some wonky geese and a couple block in blocks.

I needed lots of made fabric to fill in and I think it ended up pretty well.

I love the little tree. I think I'll make another seeing as this beauty is going

to live somewhere else.

I must admit that I didn't get much else sewn together

this weekend . . .

I finally took the plunge and got an IPhone . . .

I gave up my really old, number key pad only phone . . .

Txting was a slow process on the old phone,

and now it's even slower! hahaha.

I have to get used to this key touch pad,

and everything else about this phone.

I am going into the 21st century kicking and screaming.

Surprised I'm not a hand sewer really. hehehe!


  1. Love the fabric you made. It's so pretty! No smart phone for me yet...but I might have to give in. You confirmed my fears...taking longer to text...I just knew it! Kicking and screaming...LOL!!

  2. Wow, those pieces must be teeny. Glad you used the little leaning tree again. It is so cute you would never get tired of it. Woo-hoo for the iPhone!

  3. What a great little quilt. I love taking scraps and putting them together. You come up with some shapes you never dreamed of. The tree is great. I have a Ipod Touch and I love it.

  4. That tree is just perfect. I love it. I've never seen that before. Wow, there are so many pieces I bet it took a long time to put together. Well done on all counts. I am getting less and less techie and even though it irritates people, personally, I am enjoying the sanctuary.