Saturday, April 2, 2011

Metro Mod Quilter's Meeting April 2011

Today was our bi-monthly Metro Mod Quilter's meeting in NYC.

Hosted by the lovely Victoria once again!

Always my favorite gathering!

Amy pieced the top of our curved block challenge.

(She is holding it up hiding behind it!)

I will piece a back and give it to her

so she can quilt the whole thing.

(I got off easy!)

Here is Helen's vest!

She has really been making the rounds with this one.

The opera, the red & white quilt show, out to dinner.

I need to get me one of those!!

Please stop by here to vote for her wear-able piece in the Quilting Gallery Contest!

This is Jessica's quilt. It was part of a bee she did a while ago and has now put it together. It came out great!
This is David's "play" quilt. Apparently he has a million of the

squares and this is how he put them together. Really stunning!
Andrea took David's top at the last meeting and

added the sun rays, which she paper pieced.

Smashing out come don't you think?

Kim is going to quilt it.

This is Margaret's little piece . . .

How cute it that!!

Another sun beam at the top.

Victoria's little princess B showed us what she

has been working on. She doesn't want to do the applique,

and was asking it someone wanted to do it for her . . .

The child learns quickly let me tell you!

Delightful that she wanted to play along with us.

This is our next challenge quilt.

All striped blocks.

I must say it was making me dizzy at first,

but with all those creative minds at work,

it is now looking pretty fabulous.

Onto the raffles!!!

Andrea really wanted the free haircut and she

told little princess B to "pick Andrea, pick Andrea!:

And wouldn't you know the power of persuasion,

princess B picked Andrea's name!

Sometimes the gods are just with you.

So that was my wonderful day in NYC . . .
I just love going into NYC,

especially to laugh and spend

time with all these creative minds!


  1. Sounds like a whole lot of fun! Happy stitching!

  2. great seeing you - it was a fun meeting!

  3. How fun to be part of such a talented group. I love the curved block quilt and am looking forward to seeing the completed stripes.

  4. That was a surprise when Boo picked Andrea's name! how weird is that? Another great meeting!

  5. A perfect meeting ! Lots of fun and some new inspirations.