Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

It is finally sunny and 65* here today!


I finished mending this little beauty yesterday.

It was a much bigger job than I thought.

This is the blanket I bought at a tag sale for 8 dollars,

and now I know why . . .

I had to mend almost every intersection.

Which really wasn't so bad, I just did it

while I was watching the tube.

It really is so retro and fun.

I can just imagine some one's grandma crocheting away . . .

Glad I saved it from being tossed.

on another note . . . .

My garden is really starting to pop!

The bleeding hearts are blooming.

The Hyacinth are almost done,

and the peonies in the bottom left corner

are just peaking through.

Peonies are my faves, don't tell the rest of the garden!


  1. Love your garden. I miss my yard (I'm in a condo community--3 yrs). Your little beauty actually looks large. I'm glad you are the one who rescued it. It will have many more years of "life" now!

  2. Mend it is much quicker that stitching again from the beginning - I love it

  3. Your little beauty looks like it was definitely worth the effort. All those crocheted blocks look unique. It is lovely.

  4. Peonies are my fave too! I just wish they lasted longer.