Friday, October 24, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival Fall 2014

Can't believe it's that time again!
Thank you Amy for all your hard work in hosting this fun event.

Welcome to new visitors to my blog.  
I hope you like what you see. Poke around and look at my stuff!

For this festival I am showing a quilt that I just finished.

Star Fever.
65" x65"
machined pieced and quilted by me!

I started this quilt this summer at Quilting by the Lake.
Under the direction of the fabulous Victoria Findlay Wolfe.
This quilt is inspired by a quilt in her 15 Minutes of Play book.

But I super-sized it and modified the block layout.
Victoria let me borrow her giant diamond template to get started.
(I'm still hoping she will produce and sell these!)

This is the first rendition.

Then my teacher, the grasshopper, said,
"Turn it around let's see how it looks the other way."
She is always right.

Hehe.  Like it both ways.

The class helped me pick out the setting fabrics.
Loved it.
BUT . . . could find enough of it to finish.
So it languished on my design wall all summer.

Sassy V in her QBL apron for the auction.
She is a great teacher!  Take her class if you get a chance.

Now back to the star . . . 
I kept flipping it back and forth
trying to decide which way I liked it best.

In the end, I went with the original design.
I like the two different purples and oranges in the center,
gives it a bit of pop.

I did echo channel quilting about 3/4" apart, but VERY organic.

a pieced back . . . 

a label . . . 

a rolled end . . . 
ready to go.

This quilt is being donated to the Greenwich Breast Cancer Alliance
for their silent auction on November 6th.
I made them one last year and was happy to be asked again this year.

Kinda hoping this is a new tradition for me too!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you are enjoying all the eye candy 

Thanks again to Amy for putting it all together.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cloud9 Cirrus Solids Challenge

is participating in a Cloud9 solids challenge!

I handed out 42 packs of fabric with instructions at our last meeting.
I can't wait to see them all together and start playing with them!

They are due at our next meeting on November 1st.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

This and that . . . .

I haven't been home for a whole weekend in ages!
What a luxury to sleep in and linger in bed . . .
My favorite thing to do.

Once I hauled myself out and had my coffee and breaky,
I looked around and surveyed what needed to be done.

My sewing corner, a mess, needed to be cleaned up and organized.

It went quicker than I thought.
I am having my first private sewing lesson tomorrow with a lovely 
girl who wants to learn how to quilt!
I am over the moon!  So I want everything to be clean and easy for her.

I also got this lovely card and note from Kandy.
I joined the IG #quiltypenpal group and this is my first connection.
So fun!  Now what will I send to her?

Then it was off to Christie's to drop off my featherweight for service.
That's all I intended to do . . . . 
Then I saw this . . . . 

And a bit of Denyse Schmidt too.

A very cute little bath tub full of fabric

Christie and Garen egging me on!

I had no chance.  Hehe.
I bought a lot.  They said it was okay.  Enablers! 

So on this rainy day, I came home and worked on this,

A bit of chevrons . . . 

And a new project . . . 
Dresden flowers for a friendship garden quilt.

My friends are sending me their flowers.
I can't wait to build my garden!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What I've been doing while I haven't been here . . .

Again I have been absent from this space for weeks and weeks.
I guess it just means I have been busy.

Here are a few of the things I've been up to.
Cloud9 baby donation quilt for my guild, NYC Metro Mod.
Our first meeting is this Saturday and I can't wait
to get back into the swing of things with all my buddies!

A Mariner's Compass block for Earamichia.
It was way more challenging than I thought it was, 
but I'm glad I tried it out.

I've been making tiny pincushions too.
These hexies and pentagons are 1/2"
I gave the finished product to my mom before I took a pic,
but I mounted it on a cork and glued it into a little candle holder
with a tray at the bottom for thimbles and scissors.
Gonna have to look for more holders at tag sales!

I finally decided on a layout and setting fabric for my
Star Fever quilt from Quilting by the Lake.
When I finish this quilt, it is going to the silent auction
for the Breast Cancer Alliance luncheon in November.

I haven't just been sewing!
I am just home from a cruise with my mom, aunt and uncle.
We left NYC on a cold rainy day.

And luckily for us the sun came out the next day.
I've never been on a cruise before . . . 
it was very interesting.
I still have the vertigo. Hey! I'm a delicate flower.

Saw lots of mermaids along the way.

We did the New England Tour, so beautiful.
Bar Harbor was my favorite.

I even met a pirate!

Look at this old Singer sewing machine that they used to make sails.

I won't bore you will all my vacation pics!
That's what Facebook is for, hahaha.
I'll try to be better about checking in here.
You can always find me on Instagram.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Quilting by the Lake 2014

This is my second time going to Quilting by the Lake.
Last year we had so much fun, and this year my friend
Victoria Findlay Wolfe was teaching, so what's not to love?

I took her three day Lemoyne Star class.
Yes that big brown suitcase is full of only fabric!
That little black and white duffle under my pillow and quilt
had my clothes, etc.  Don't need to overpack clothes
when fabric is much more important!

Earamichia and I drove up in time for the 
Teachers Merchant Market and Quilt Show.

I had sent up three quilts for the show.
Allow me a little "showing off!"

"Leftovers! It's What's for Dinner"

"Fractured Hard Candy"

This is how our first day of classes began.
My Emily modeling my mini dresden plates.  Hehe.
And it only got funnier from there!

Victoria had giant diamond templates made for this class.
They are awesome!  

This is what I worked on first.
I had brought up alot of "made fabric" that I put together 
before the trip so that I didn't waste time on that and could get right
to construction of stars.

I slashed in the orange to give it a bit of pop.

I added smaller diamonds around it to make it bigger.
Then I found the perfect Jennifer Paginelli fabric
for my setting fabric.

This group was so fun helping each other pick what fabrics to use,
and generally encouraging each other all along the way.

Here is My Emily with her purple and lime green star!
Love the orange arc too.

And now I'll let you look at all the eye candy!

This is the third star I worked on for the week. 
This diamond is even bigger than the first one.
I love this!
And I can see how I can make this pattern more balanced
in the future.  Love to learn as I go as you know.
Jump in and see what happens.

Victoria sewed her apron to her skirt!
Haha.  It was finished too before she realized it.

And here she is all detached and finished!
They auction the aprons off for the scholarship fund.
It is a riot!

Here is part of our class show and tell.

And here is part of our class!

Another great week spent with quilty friends
and being creative!  Doesn't get any better than that!
Thanks V for a really fun time!