Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mocha and a Bassinet

Mocha came to visit on Thursday night 
and I had my scrap bin dumped out and strewn about.

She jumped right in and started digging! 
I think Mocha must have been a quilter in a previous life.

Also arriving Thursday night was my friend's family bassinet.
She is about to become a grand-aunt!
Haha that sounds so old.  Sorry Barbarita!
Anyway she was begging for help to make a liner.
"When is the shower?"
Oh my!!

Luckily I had the perfect fabric in my stash and enough of it to do the job.
I added the hot pink pom poms for a little flair.

The mattress is about 30 years old,
so I covered it with a cotton blanket I just happened to have.

I must say I am very pleased with the results.  
I believe the new mama has sheets that will go with this scheme.
For those of you worrying that this is a 30 year old bassinet,
and it may not be safe . . . 
I have a feeling this is for photo opt purposes only.
Every baby in the family has slept in it.
Now let's just hope that ultra sound was right
and we are having a girl here.
Just incase, I better start looking at my blues and teals!

Here is a parting shot of Mocha in her new life jacket.
Apparently she is going kayaking soon.
Poor little darling.  Her mother dresses her funny . . . all the time.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two posts in one week? What is going on here?

Don't get too excited!
I am just finding myself with a little more time to sew these days.
So I am going to try to make the most of it!

First up is a Bee block for Suzanne in our Metro Mod Bee.
She sent us most of the fabric and asked for a star,
I just added the coral. I am smitten with this block.

This week's color is ochre.
I was planning on making all star blocks,
but as you can see, my hands had another idea.
I like this too.  I am going to go with it.  
Each subsequent block will have the same components,
but a different layout.
Brilliant!  The same, but not.
Sometimes, I just surprise myself.

AND then . . . 
When I went to my mailbox today,
what did I find but these little goodies from my friend Helen!
She sent them for my hexie charm quilt. 

With a note that said some of these fabrics were older than me!
Hahaha.  I don't think so, but it made me laugh out loud.
Worth the price of admission! 
Thanks Helen!  For the fabric and the giggle.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mojo Monday

Well, and Sunday too . . .
Did you have a nice holiday weekend?
I had a nice quiet weekend filled with friends and sewing.
I made another of Victoria's stars . . .

Victoria challenged us to use mauve, and while I'm not a total fan of mauve,
I have warmed up to the color.
The block on the right is my challenge block.
Once a week for twelve weeks, Victoria will post another color
for us to play with and explore.

I also did some more of these little filler blocks for my flying geese quilt.
Theses guys are only 4.5" so they use up lots of scraps,
not that you would notice, my scrap bin is overflowing again!

The hexies got a re-load too.
I think as I cut new fabric, I'll just snatch a piece for a hexie.
This is supposed to be a charm quilt, but I may break down 
and repeat of few of these fabrics.

And lastly, my friend Sally is quite the artist!
She is making paper these days and wanted some tiny pieces
to put in her mix.
I scrounged through the waste basket, and I also took some
scraps and chopped them up with my rotary cutter.

That provided some mindless therapy!
Can't wait to see what she makes with all of this.
So my Mojo is coming back slowly.
How's your Mojo these days?? hehehe

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back Again!

I was away from home again last week, so that
meant being away from my sewing machine :(

Luckily I thought to bring along my hexies.
They have grown a lot in a week! 
I actually ran out of hexies patches to sew together,
so now I am back digging through my scraps
to make more.

Can I just say I love my scrap bin?
It gets bigger and bigger,
and it is like a treasure hunt when I dive in there.

Before I left the penthouse last week,
I did try one of Victoria's stars.
I loved making this one.
It does take a little bit of time tracing the pattern onto tracing paper,
but it is totally worth it.  I have already gotten the next ready to go,
now to pick the fabric!

I also got this lovely little package of fabric this week
from a good friend of mine.
She just knew I would be gaga for this lovely set of Kaffe!

I see a blue and white quilt in my future!
Or maybe blue and yellow?
Or maybe blue and magenta?
Or maybe blue and everything!
Can't wait to cut into these babies and see the fabric start flying.

So thoughtful of my friend to inspire me!
It's good to be home and near my sewing machine again,
sleeping in my own bed . . . .
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring day!
I think my hexies are calling me . . .