Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mocha and a Bassinet

Mocha came to visit on Thursday night 
and I had my scrap bin dumped out and strewn about.

She jumped right in and started digging! 
I think Mocha must have been a quilter in a previous life.

Also arriving Thursday night was my friend's family bassinet.
She is about to become a grand-aunt!
Haha that sounds so old.  Sorry Barbarita!
Anyway she was begging for help to make a liner.
"When is the shower?"
Oh my!!

Luckily I had the perfect fabric in my stash and enough of it to do the job.
I added the hot pink pom poms for a little flair.

The mattress is about 30 years old,
so I covered it with a cotton blanket I just happened to have.

I must say I am very pleased with the results.  
I believe the new mama has sheets that will go with this scheme.
For those of you worrying that this is a 30 year old bassinet,
and it may not be safe . . . 
I have a feeling this is for photo opt purposes only.
Every baby in the family has slept in it.
Now let's just hope that ultra sound was right
and we are having a girl here.
Just incase, I better start looking at my blues and teals!

Here is a parting shot of Mocha in her new life jacket.
Apparently she is going kayaking soon.
Poor little darling.  Her mother dresses her funny . . . all the time.


  1. Cute dog, cute name, very cute bassinet refurb. Not sure about that "life jacket" :-)

  2. My baby bassinet looks just like your friends'. It has held me and my babies, plus my cousins and their babies. It is now over seventy and still holding precious cargo... I keep my batting in it! (Still waiting for grandchildren.) I NEED to get a dog!

  3. Precious! I love it all, including that fun rug on the floor . . . I need one of those!

  4. Love the bassinet and little Mocha. What a great friend to make this liner for great auntie.

  5. Those pom poms are the PERFECT touch!