Sunday, December 29, 2013

A little bit of sewing . . .

I'm always relieved when the holidays have passed.

I don't know why . . . . I don't go over board on much,
just the eating part . . .  it should be the exercising part, but well, you know.

I do always try to maintain some sense of normal,
which means a bit of sewing squeezed in as much as possible.

So I am pleased that I was able to finish this baby quilt in one week.

It started last Sunday, before Christmas, at Earamicha's 
house with David.  
We decided to get together to have a little sweat shop sewing.

It was that very warm day, 70* in NYC, 
so yes there really was sweating!

I was able to cut and sew all the blocks for a disappearing nine patch.

Then this past Friday night, I cut them all up and laid them out.

I bit a sewing while watching a movie and it came together quick!

Sunday brought quilting.
Love my Juki!

And now a bit of binding before I hit the sack.

Here is the inspiration quilt I saw a few weeks 

My quilt measures 30" by 38"
The original squares before cutting were 2.5"
This baby quilt is a donation for our NYC Metro Mod Guild.
Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are relaxing too!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A few things . . . .

Where have I been you ask?
Well, honestly, I have been cheating on you with Instagram.
But more on that later.

Today I had the most fun!  I got to visit Christie in her new store,
We haven't had a good quilt shop in lower Fairfield County in a while.
I usually have to drive to Ridgefield or Danbury.
Or go into the city, which I love!
But now . . . I can get into lots of trouble locally!

Located on Main Street in Norwalk,
it's very east to find.

She has lots of fun fabrics and pre-cuts to chose from.

Batiks and solids.

Her work area is nice and spacious!
Christie is very welcoming and full of energy!
She took my coat so I could shop and not be hot.
Very smart cookie, because I shopped alot then!

There is plenty of space for classes and working in groups.
Christie is ready to set up any classes you may want,
and groups may set up a time to sew together.

Her husband made fabulous tables that can be arranged into sewing
areas, and he treated the tables so you can iron right on them!

Here is Christie and me!

Here is my loot for the day!
Ten yards of fabric, some pre-cuts and a new spray adhesive to try.
Can't wait to dive in!

Now as to my infidelity.
I apologize.
I have been having too much fun on instagram.

I'm more of a picture girl than a wordy girl,
so it really appeals to me.

And well, it's instant!  Hehe.
What's not to love?

David's Dresden Plate

The kid sewing her binding.

My new fabulous Juki.

Christmas Decorations.

Mermaid Wine Stopper.


I'll try to be more present here.
But . . . if I'm missing.
You know where to find me.
This week.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wanted to share a fun project that Sherri Lynn Wood has coming up!
Click on the link for all the details.  You may want to get involved!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Straighten Up And Fly Right . . . .

This is one of my all time favorite quilts that I have made!
I started this project in January of 2012.

It has been under wraps for a long time,
but I think I can do a reveal now.

I love paper piecing.  And Triangles!  And color!
So what a perfect match.
As usual, I just started making blocks with no real thought
as to the end project.

I felt the geese needed something else, so I made a few of these.

I tried some different layouts.

I'll admit, I was looking for chaos.

Then I realized that if I made some two geese blocks,
I could really mix this up easily.
The four geese blocks equal two, and with a nine patch mix,
I had a 12" block.

Here is the back all put together before the "un-papering."

That's a lot of paper!
Good sit and watch a movie activity.

My friend David suggested a diagonal quilting.
This was the first of many dense channel quiltings I have done.
I  have to say I love the look.
I used the edge of my walking foot for guidance.

Summer 2012 at that beach.

Before piecing the blocks.

Black & White binding.  Always a fave.

Yummy crinkles.

I did fussy cut some of the centers on these little blocks.

A pieced back.  Orange, another fave!

And a label.  I am trying to always label my quilts.
Do you do that?  

Because, I can't believe this quilt is almost two years old.
I would have told you I made it three months ago!