Sunday, December 1, 2013

Straighten Up And Fly Right . . . .

This is one of my all time favorite quilts that I have made!
I started this project in January of 2012.

It has been under wraps for a long time,
but I think I can do a reveal now.

I love paper piecing.  And Triangles!  And color!
So what a perfect match.
As usual, I just started making blocks with no real thought
as to the end project.

I felt the geese needed something else, so I made a few of these.

I tried some different layouts.

I'll admit, I was looking for chaos.

Then I realized that if I made some two geese blocks,
I could really mix this up easily.
The four geese blocks equal two, and with a nine patch mix,
I had a 12" block.

Here is the back all put together before the "un-papering."

That's a lot of paper!
Good sit and watch a movie activity.

My friend David suggested a diagonal quilting.
This was the first of many dense channel quiltings I have done.
I  have to say I love the look.
I used the edge of my walking foot for guidance.

Summer 2012 at that beach.

Before piecing the blocks.

Black & White binding.  Always a fave.

Yummy crinkles.

I did fussy cut some of the centers on these little blocks.

A pieced back.  Orange, another fave!

And a label.  I am trying to always label my quilts.
Do you do that?  

Because, I can't believe this quilt is almost two years old.
I would have told you I made it three months ago!


  1. GREAT pattern, Lisa!! I just added it to my "Gotta Make One of Those" list!! Thanks for sharing - ;))

  2. Gorgeous quilt, Lisa!!! Absolutely love the colors and the chaos!

  3. What a wonderful quilt. I want one. So glad you posted the block. Love the texture of the quilting.

  4. Fabulous quilt Lisa, love the design, prints and colours :D

  5. Oh, I'm in love! It is just gorgeous!

  6. Your fun is showing in this quilt. Those little fussy cuts crack me up!

  7. That is just darling! Love the triangles and the bright colors. I am not such a fan of paper-piecing but I can see you and fun with it!