Sunday, November 24, 2013

Too Much Fun!

I have been looking forward to today's festivities for weeks . . .
My two buddies came up from "the city" to sew with me!

David brought some fabulous Dresden Plates that he was given.
He proceeded to throw them up on a quilt that hangs in my kitchen.

They just dissolved into my quilt!
How fun is that!!
You haven't seen this quilt before, because it's going to be in a book.

But, I decided what the heck!
It's out there now, I'll give you a peek.
I'll do a full post on it's birth in a week or two . . . . 

These are the fabulous 100% polyester Dresden Plates.
All hand sewn.
David gave us each one to finish off and give back to him.
Are those my colors or what???

My great buddy Earamichia came up Saturday night
for some pre-game shenanigans, and boy did we have fun!
Alas, what happens in the Penthouse, stays in the Penthouse.

Here she is giving my new Juki a few fine tunings.
Nice to have a pro around to show me the ropes on my new darling.

David made him self at home, pondering what he would work on . . .
He also kept us in "stitches," he is a very funny guy!

E. layered two quilts!!!

I worked on my new baby quilt.

The mimosa's were poured.

The patterns came out.

E. made great progress on her DWR challenge;
Have you started yours yet?
Deadline is December 1st!

One of E's layered quilts.
Don't  you love it!

 David worked on his DWR challenge too.
He spent alot of time in that chair!
Hehe.  He would never cut it in a real sweat shop!

I finished the top on my baby quilt.
The block is from the Aurifil Block of the Month series.

I couldn't wait to jump on David's Dresden Challenge.
I love it!

So there you have it.
The most fun!
Sewing with buddies.
Laughing all day.

What did you so this weekend?