Sunday, November 17, 2013

Futzing Sunday . . .

It was one of those weekends . . . 
I had nothing really planned and so I was scattered.
I did some errands, I went to the movies,
I cleaned, I read, I went for walks . . .

I didn't really focus on all the sewing I wanted to do.
I have just finished two quilts, so where to start?

I gathered up all of the scraps laying around my sewing table,
and started sewing them together

I also had some plaids to play with
and made a block for a possible challenge.
That one needs to brew.

Then I got the fabulous news that this little darling has finally arrived!
Almost 9lbs!  

I don't start a baby quilt until the baby is here.
It's just . . .  well . . . you know.

This darling little girl has a nursery with a beautiful
tree painted on the wall by her grandmother, my dear friend.
I'm told hot pink and grey are the prominent colors.
Not the tree, but the rest of the room!

I hardly ever cut a whole quilt first,
but this is a block I want to try.
Nine blocks and we'll see what happens.
Glass of wine for inspiration, right Earamichia?

On another note,
I joined a gym today.
Time to get this old bag back in shape!

But I can promise there will be no running!
Yoga yes, weights yes, running NO!
Hehe.  Really, it's not good for your joints.
I'm serious!!

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  1. Congratulations on joining a gym....I think about it all the time.... and then I do nothing....