Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweat Shop and other little things . . . .

Yesterday was Veteran's Day.
Thank you to all of our service men and women
here and abroad!
And especially to my brother and sister-in-law who served together 
in Bagdad, met and fell in love!
One good thing came out of all of that!  

And so because we honor all of our service peeps . . . 
I had a day off.  
So did Gidget and the kid.

And a sweat shop commenced.

It was a slow start.  
We needed to shop for fabric for the kid's borders.
Then we had to stop at the Marshall's next door.
You can see where I'm going right?

There needed to be some easier projects to get this party started.

This little beauty I found on Pinterest.

And since I can never part with a scrap,
there were plenty to go around.

Gidget had a bag full of denim.
So she mixed it with my scraps.
Really cute.
We talked about doing one with all different
greens and some reds thrown in.
They go together pretty quickly. Fun and festive!

The kid finished her top on this black and red
scrappy trip around the world.
It came out great!
Now to layer and quilt.

I wasn't so productive.
First, I had a kitchen accident making lunch for everyone.
Scraped my knuckle on the cheese grater.
This is why you order in!
All is fine.  But I was traumatized! Hehe.  Not really.

 I worked on piecing together all the leftovers

This quilt was finished last week.
A fun colorful  plaids and stripes quilt for a good friend
having a tough time.
She will do great!!

Love the colors.

The binding came out perfectly!
Don't you just love it when that happens??!!!

on another note . . . 
Over the weekend I was in Cape Cod and saw this totally cute mermaid.
I think I might have to try to make some of these.

And this little sign just make me chuckle.

Whatcha working on?

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  1. Wow are you productive or what! I am amazed at all that you have done so beautifully. Sorry about those scraped knuckles, I do feel your pain. At least it didn't slow down the quilting progress. Love that sign. I can so relate.