Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bambi Shapiro

I spent the day sewing with Bambi Shapiro,
(obviously not her real name!)
My good buddy trucked it up from the city to learn all things
half square triangley.

The kid let us use her machine,
I just had to promise to reload all the bobbins.
Hehehe.  She forgets how to do that sometimes.
 Bambi was intrigued with my new reading glasses.
She said they look like ET.
I'm just grateful to be able to thread a needle with them!

We dumped out our little sewing bags to compare our goodies.
Look at all the scissors.  I guess we both love to collect little cutters!
 Bambi had these very cute bobbin cozies.  
Well, she called them something else, 
but I like to keep if G rated here if possible.

We did actually do some sewing.  
After lots of catching up and giggling!
I dumped my scrap bin on the floor, 
and proceeded to trip over it
more that once.  
I think it's time to get this mess under control.

On to the HST.  Bambi had some little thangles, but I advised
that the 3" would be better because it grows the quilt faster.
Luckily, I had a ton of them, so off she set on her
quest for all things triangely.
 There was lots of cutting, and cutting up!
I must say, there was quite a bit of hilarity in the Penthouse today!

(She made me take this picture.)  
I am working on flying geese, trying to use up those scraps.
I didn't even make any kind of a dent.
But I will keep pushing on!
 Here is one of the layouts I'm contemplating.
I really love this! I just need to make about 100 more blocks.
That won't put a dent in my scraps either.
They seem to reproduce while I'm at work.

Here is Bambi's layout so far.  
She brought the most beautiful fabric with her for this quilt!
And she insisted on giving me some of each of it.
Who am I to say no?!

We had a throughly fabulous day together!
Thanks Bambi for making the trek to my little "city"
from your big city!

The first of many I'm sure.


  1. Oh that looks like you are having way too much fun! Lucky girls! Loving those flying geese! Delicious bright colours!

  2. I have to have some of those bobbin cozies. Did she buy them or make them? Lovely results from a day of too much fun. I adore your flying geese.

  3. It looks like you had great fun. What a wonderful day playing with beautiful fabrics and a good friend.

  4. You girls sure had fun! And got a lot of great sewing done. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh my goodness, how much fun did you two have?? we need a day like that! hmmmm...... thinkin, thinkin

  6. Oh my word....much better than my sunday.....i wanna play too...soo much fun....i will have to make it up somehow this week....