Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let the quilting begin!

We finally got some snow this weekend.
I was happy to see it until I totally wiped out
and did a face plant right on the side of the road.
For the whole world to see!
Haha.  Luckily for me,  I was pretty fast getting up.
Damm curb was hiding.

So after a bruised knee and ego, I retreated to the coziness
of my apartment for the rest of the weekend!
Much safer for my klutzier side.

On to the sewing!
I started quilting my Kaffe sqaures quilt.
 I am quilting on either side of the seams,
about 3/8" allowance.  
Pretty basic, but the front is so busy, it needed something simple.

You can see it alttle better on the back.  
My lines aren't wicked straight, but they are "organic!"
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
This backing is mostly from a very vintage sheet.
I spied it at my friend Barbarita's house.

Me:  "Where did that come from?"
Her:  "It used to be on my bed growing up.
Now I use it to put over the couch so the cats don't wreck it."
Me: "Really?  Can I have it?"
Her:  "You can have whatever you want my friend."

Talk about a a great friend!!
Did you have a relatively quiet weekend?
Hope you did something fun!


  1. I agree anything beyond basic quilting would be lost on the busy Kaffes. Sorry about your tumble but glad you just got bruised, not broken.

  2. I think the quilting is perfect. Sorry to hear about your fall - I have done that a few times - ugh! I like the organic lines - a few of my Aussie Hero Quilts are quite organic and I figure that is "better" for them! Its organic it has to be better.....right?

  3. I had to work Saturday! You should have joined us! The difference between a male boss and female boss - the woman always make sure we have food at these Saturday sessions.
    My weekend was productive craft-wise. I finished the socks I knit for Aron. I finished up the sweater I knit for my niece and I got a lot of work done on a baby blanket during the game Sunday. Knitting helps settle the nerves that the Giants unsettle!

  4. Love the quilting...I have a few basted and ready to go...but keep getting side the squares

  5. Hey Lisa -

    I took a fall on Sunday too! Thanks for those colors - just what we need in the middle of January!

    Take care - Byrd