Monday, January 16, 2012

Bonus Sewing Day!

I had the day off today for Martin Luther King's Birthday.
I am grateful to Dr. King for all the wonderful things he did to open people's
hearts and minds as to what is right and what is wrong.
I hope that people took a moment today to understand why 
they had a "holiday" today.  I hope they understand what this day means.
I feel it's too easy to just say, "Oh I have a day off today,"
Do you know why you had a holiday today???

I gathered with the kid and Gidget to have a day of sewing today.
I converted my living room into a tiny sewing retreat room.
 It was such a great day to stay inside!
Way too cold for all of us spoiled northeast yahoos
who have had 40-50 degree weather so far!

Here are my two cohorts getting geared up for the day.

The kid's log cabin laid out on my bed.
She was not happy to learn she needs four more blocks.
Kids . . . they always want an easy finish!
I love you Kid!

So back to the grind she goes . . . 

I have to say, there was so much laughter,
kidding and giggling.  I love these girls!

Yes, I did crack the whip on this one.
Gidget has ADD and just wanted to chat
and entertain the crowd, but I knew she would feel so much better if she finished a top!
Hahaha. (She doesn't have a black eye, I didn't do that,
My red-eye auto correct did that.)
We decided we are going to have a sewing day once a month now.
Gidget will piece the back and start quilting this baby at our next "meeting."

This is what I accomplished. 
Three more strips blocks.
Well . . . . I had to keep these broads in line you know!
Do you like to sew with buddies or by yourself?
I know we can't always sew with a group,
but I have to say I really prefer it,
even thought I don't get as much done!  
I'm just saying, give me a giggle fest any day of the week!


  1. What a productive day from so much fun--and nicely documented. Besides all the lovely quilting, I also love your living room rug!

  2. What a fun day! Sewing with others is always such a treat!

  3. Some days you just want someone to sew with. I meet with a quilt group of ladies every other Tuesday at my church and we sew for a few hours and then once a week I go to the quilt shop and sew with whoever shows up. I am retired and I just get bored sometimes when I sew by myselft and it is fun to see what others are working on and you get to learn new stuff all the time.