Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Sewing

It finally got cold here in my neck of the woods . . .
12* this morning.  So no walking for me,
straight to the sewing machine!
I finished putting together the Kaffe blocks
I made while on vacation in NH.

 I love this because it's simple but there are unexpected
little touches.  You can see where it looks like I shook the
etch a sketch and the pattern dissolves.
The blocks were either very planned or just throw together.
 I love the way this top came out.
I thought I had a picture of the pieced back, but you'll get to
see that on the finish now.
Taking that baby to work tomorrow to layer.
Hope there is no real business going on in the 
conference room!  hehehehe.

I also worked on Maureen's Bee Block for the Metro Mod.
 Maureen wanted a signature block and then we could do what we wanted
as long as it was scrappy.  Hope she likes it!

I have been working on my strips quilt too.
It's very therapeutic!  Some of these blocks need alittle
more chopping.  Not really sure where this is going,
just letting it unfold.

Isn't this cool?  I saw this on Saturday at a Holistic Healing Seminar.
I thought it was a quilt at first, but it's really a painting
with lots of surface things attached and glitter!!

On another note . . . 
I bought a juicer.  It is really quite easy to use.
And the concoction I made was all veggies and very good.
Oh, I threw in an apple for some sweetness.
Now to find more recipes for healthy living!
Hahaha.  Any suggestions?
Hope you are enjoying your sunny Sunday!


  1. Your quilttop is lovely - I love how the colours flow on it !

  2. Everything you are working on looks great. I especially like your strips quilt. Have you tried just beet and apple juice?

  3. Love the strippy quilt - great to stay inside where it's warm and just sew, isn't it?

  4. I love the blocks you sewed together. Are they a 16 patch? I spent 2 hours this afternoon cutting square out of my scraps. I guess I know what to do with them now! Aren't the unexpected little combinations fun?

  5. Juice is a great colour. Love that Kaffe quilt - great colours and the same for your stippy quilt - yum!