Saturday, January 7, 2012

CT Modern Quilt Guild

Today was the first meeting of the CT Modern Quilt Guild 
in Westport, CT.
I was very excited to attend, and also very nervous.
I'm not particularly great in a new group of people
where I don't really know anyone.
BUT, everyone was so wonderful and so welcoming.

Deirdre, our prez, showed this quilt she made which
is our internet stamp for the website.  I actually scanned it with my phone and it worked!

We had a fabric swap that we will use as our challenges for the next few 
meetings.  Everyone brought 8 fat eighths and traded them up.
 Here we are grabbing for fabric!  Yes that is Chris right there, 
the only face in the crowd that I knew before getting there.
 Now for the show, feast your eyes on the goods . . . 

 Pam, my new best friend!
She admitted she reads my blog!
Hi Pam!  You are too sweet!
Thought only my mom and sisters read this thing!

 How about this little lovely by Susie!
She is making little 3 inch squares for pin cushions.
That little spider is two seed beads and some stitching!
I almost fell off my chair!
Each one different and each one fabulous.

 All in all a great maiden voyage!
A wonderful group of women I am eager to get to know.
I have encouraged them to come to the 
NYC Metro Mod meetings, and I will encourage 
my NYC crew to venture into the country too.
You can never have too many quilty friends!

On another note . . . 

Today was 62* in CT!  I went for a nice long walk
when I got home.  The beach had at least ten families with
little kids running around and playing in the sand.
I'll take it!  Last winter was brutal.
What did you do today on this blustery spring like day?


  1. the quilt guild looks like fun - glad you enjoyed it. And a beach in CT in January - how funny!!!

  2. What a great start! I will be watching and waiting for more......

  3. Good for you for extending yourself into another group of quilting companions. Looks like the effort will be well worth it!

  4. Looks like a good time! way to kick off a first meeting CT!