Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Aussie Hero Quilts

My friend Jan-Maree is involved in a wonderful project called Aussie Hero Quilts.  She and her group are making laundry bags, quilts and care packages for Aussie soldiers stationed in Afghanistan.   They sent off a huge shipment before Christmas and all waited with baited breathe to get the news that their boxes had arrived.  Jan-Maree can't share any of the names of the soldiers, or any of the photos of them receiving the care packages, but you can tell from the way she describes them that all are very happy!

There is a detailed accounting of their efforts here.    These loving ladies have been working very hard, (and having quite a bit of fun),  they even made a quilt in a couple of hours, start to finish when they realized they had an extra box to fill!  Wahoo!!

If you would like to help out this wonderful cause, Jan-Maree has many different ideas on her website,
Aussie Hero Quilts, to join this wonderful effort.  It doesn't matter what countries we are from, or the  politics we believe in, these soldiers are all far from home with very little to comfort them.  I know if my brother or sister were over there, I would want to help ease their service.   I will be working on a few goodies in the next weeks to send along to Jan-Maree . . . . I hope you will consider it too.  


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement Lisa - Just wonderful! Have a great day! I am going to!