Saturday, October 4, 2014

This and that . . . .

I haven't been home for a whole weekend in ages!
What a luxury to sleep in and linger in bed . . .
My favorite thing to do.

Once I hauled myself out and had my coffee and breaky,
I looked around and surveyed what needed to be done.

My sewing corner, a mess, needed to be cleaned up and organized.

It went quicker than I thought.
I am having my first private sewing lesson tomorrow with a lovely 
girl who wants to learn how to quilt!
I am over the moon!  So I want everything to be clean and easy for her.

I also got this lovely card and note from Kandy.
I joined the IG #quiltypenpal group and this is my first connection.
So fun!  Now what will I send to her?

Then it was off to Christie's to drop off my featherweight for service.
That's all I intended to do . . . . 
Then I saw this . . . . 

And a bit of Denyse Schmidt too.

A very cute little bath tub full of fabric

Christie and Garen egging me on!

I had no chance.  Hehe.
I bought a lot.  They said it was okay.  Enablers! 

So on this rainy day, I came home and worked on this,

A bit of chevrons . . . 

And a new project . . . 
Dresden flowers for a friendship garden quilt.

My friends are sending me their flowers.
I can't wait to build my garden!

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