Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Projects #20

Today was a quiet Sunday,

and I really needed it.

I have been go, go going for the last 10 days,

and while I love it,

sometimes you just need to do nothing.

Well, not nothing, but less.

I started a little scarf with some yarn I bought

online at the Stitchuary.

I met Lori and Susan in a sewing class

and they told me all about their new website.

It's pretty cool, you can search yarn by many different categories,

breed of sheep, location where the sheep live,

types of yarns . . . .

I would really recommend checking it out,

even if you aren't a yarny person.

This yarn is made from 100% Merino Sheep

from a Northeast Farm.


I dragged out this little bag I made a few years ago.

I always use it in the spring,

it kind of jump starts the season for me.

I made the bag from a pair of child's jeans

that I bought at the thrift shop.

It was pretty easy to do. I just chopped off the legs and did a box pleat bottom. I covered a piece of cardboard with the extra jean fabric and put that in the bottom of the bag to keep it flat. I love this bag because it's not big and it has lots of little pockets all the way around. You could put any belt in you want. I used a cute little scarf that I rolled on this bag. I have also made ribbon belts to go on them too. Now I just need the weather to get warm enough to wear flip flops and I'm off to the beach! Hahaha. I think I have a while to wait. What did you do this Sunday???

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  1. That is the cutest bag. Wonderful idea with built-in pockets! And love the idea about changeable belts.