Sunday, October 6, 2013

Medallion Quilt, the saga continues . . . .

I have been slowing working on this medallion quilt
for a donation to the Breast Cancer Alliance for their silent auction.

I thought I would use up some of the blocks from my fractured quilt,
But they seemed to uniform.
So I tried making those same blocks with contrasting fabric,
some wonky pinwheels . . .

Better, but I need more movement.  That blue and yellow one crashed with a thud!
Still, something is missing . . .

The pinwheels were all going in the same direction,
so I made one in the opposite direction and Voila!
There are more to be made!

It's moving in the right direction now,
But . . .  It needs something else.
I think I will brew on this for a bit.

As promised here is the inspiration piece from Material Obsession.
I think I need smaller pieced blocks.  And spiky things.

on another note.
I am working on these beauties too.
From Victoria's 15 min play class this past week.

That girl knows how to push you out of your comfort zone!
What have you bee up to??


  1. Love the process of the medallion quilt - it is really coming to life. It is interesting how MUCH the pinwheel in the opposite direction added to the quilt, like the quilt was just waiting for that!!!

  2. Your medallion quilt is bursting with color ... loving it ... & looking forward to your next post continuing "the saga".

  3. You have been busy, lady! Wow. What great things you are creating. Love it all. You have inspired me to get going today!

  4. WEEEEEEEEEEEE! Go girlie!!! PUSH PUSH! ROFL!! Looking fabulous!!

  5. Medallion quilt is going to be wonderful. I can tell you are having fun with it. Love the new circles!