Monday, February 18, 2013

Sweat Shop Monday . . . . and other things . . . .

All good intentions at the sweat shop today  . . .
And not as much production as anticipated, 
but really if you have fun does it matter?
I think not!

The kid made good progress on her scrappy trip around the world.

Gidget didn't feel like sewing, but she and Mocha 
showed up for lunch and giggles!
I love my Mocha girl!  

I made a few STAW blocks myself.
Only about 6 or 7 left to do,
which is good, because I'm getting bored.
But!  Because I jumped ahead and finished my Gypsy top,
I can move right onto to a new project!
Haha.  I am a conniver and justifier always!
Know it and accept it!

This quilt will be going to the pay by check quilter!

on another note . . . 
My friend Anne who has been traipsing 
around the southern states with a multitude of friends,
has been sending me mermaid pictures wherever they find them.

I will be doing a post on mermaids this week.
My beloved mermaids!


  1. Trip blocks look wonderful. Sew smart of you to teach your cute dog how to sew.

  2. I like the kid's color scheme! So different from yours - both beautiful.

  3. You always have such great Sweat Shop Mondays. Looking forward to the mermaid post.

  4. Fun post today - love that you said traipsing! haha looking forward to those mermaids!

  5. Love the red, white, and black scrappy trip!

  6. All progress is good and laughter is even better combined it sounds wonderful.
    Both STAW's are looking smashing.