Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gypsy Quilt Done!

I have jumped ahead in my quest for every other project
being a finish of an old top.
While my scrappy trip around the world is languishing on my cutting board,
I finished my gypsy quilt which is going to a silent auction fundraiser.

I do love this quilt.
I will probably bid on it myself!
Haha.  I know, I could make another, 
but the second time around isn't as fun as the first right?!

I also made a bee block today for Kim in our Metro Mod Bee.
This one challenged my feeble brain, but I made it through!

on another note . . . 
I have passed the scrappy trip addiction to the kid.
She is making a quilt for a very good friend of hers.

And as tomorrow is a holiday for some . . .
The sweat shop will be open for business.
Hopefully I will have some silliness to report!


  1. You are too funny bidding on your own quilt. It is a beauty though so I understand. You daughter's black/white/red trip quilt is looking great!

  2. Gypsy is a wonderful whirl of color. Nice of you to donate it. The scrappy trip is striking. Hope you enjoyed the sweat shop and did a bit of stitching.