Monday, March 11, 2013

Finally Finished . . .

Has anyone seen my Mojo hanging around?
I seem to have misplaced it.
This scrappy trip around the world top should have been finished weeks ago . . .

There is always a distraction.
Three seasons of Dowton Abbey on DVD . . . 
Going back to the gym to try to regain a body . . . 
Cleaning out closets . . .
Now that right there tells me my Mojo has gone missing!
Cleaning closets?  Gross.

So somehow this past weekend,
I made myself get back to sewing.
Sometimes you have to push yourself to get that toe back in the water,
or you will never get back to it.
Slow and steady.

I decided to try a few different layouts.


 Zig Zag.
I liked this one, but not crazy for it.

All diagonal in one direction.


And back to the popular layout you see all over the web.
I went with this popular layout.
I wanted to try something different, but this is the one that grabbed me.
And now my top is all pieced together.

Will need to prepare a back and send it off to be quilted.
Have I found my Mojo you ask?
Not really.  I think I need some sunny days, warm sunny days.
But I'll keep plugging along,
because when my Mojo returns, it will be a beautiful thing.

Isn't this a cute little pendant?
My friend Anne gave it to me.
She doesn't have the love of the fabric like I do,
but she certainly can appreciate it!

So how is your Mojo doing these days?


  1. Sometimes we just have to have a break from the sewing room but I rarely get off track by cleaning closets :-) Your quilt looks great! Very cute pendant.

  2. We shall find your mojo and get it going this weekend! xoxo

    PS -Quilts look AWESOME :)

  3. I like the layout you chose - looks so pretty and colourful. Fun to play with the different layouts though, right?!!

  4. Gotta say I like the layout you picked the best too! Maybe that is why it is popular??

  5. There are closets to clean here and that's the EXACT reason I SEW!!! ;)

  6. Looks like you found some sunshine in your scrappy trip with that gorgeous yellow! When you find your mojo, send me some, will ya? Working full time has taken over my life these days - ugh! (but thankful I have a job!)

  7. Beautiful job - as always! I'm sure you'll find your mojo again. Sometimes the best successes come when you just keep slogging through until you get that mojo back.

  8. Is there a particular reason you send your quilts out to be quilted? I've always done my own. This one would be a good first shot at quilting on your domestic machine...

  9. When I take some time out from quilting, it is all the sweeter when I get back to it again. I don't worry about it anymore. I shall always return...

  10. Oh yes, Downton Abby can be such a distraction. But then you have coped very well. Great job!

  11. Stunning quilt any way you choose to lay it out, bud! As far as your mojo...I think you have enough to sell to others....I ain't worried a bit about you! Be easier on yourself kiddo.

  12. I like your trip quilt. Bright ,cheerful and warm visually and with all thoes seams a cold winter;s night snuggle blankie.
    My Mojo is waking me up at night asking why I'm sleeping. Only 5 more sleeps till Victoria's class. What can I say?
    I'm sure the redheaded Muse is just around the corner.