Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trying my hand at making a bag . . .

I've been playing around with writing a pattern for making a bag.
My friend Anne brought back a very cute bag from her trip to Turkey,
and she let me take some pictures of it. 
 I measured it and tried to reproduce it.

 Anne's bag had beautiful fabric 
that seem to have a metallic feel to it.  

What we both love about the bag is it's not too deep and it opens
wide so you can really see inside it.  
Anne's bag had the boxed pleat bottom on the outside of the bag,
see the triangle fold?

I decided to put the box pleat on the inside of the bag this time.

I used some upholstery sample fabrics that a friend gave me.

Some batiks for the straps,
and some Kona solids for the lining.

I'm still tweaking this construction and the design.
When I have a good working pattern,
I'll post the process and dimensions.

For the first "draft" I am pretty pleased with the out come.
Now how can I jazz this up with ribbons and trim and color?
Hehe.  You know I will.

on another note . . . .

My buddies from high school showed up this weekend.
We had so much fun and lots of giggles!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Love how you used the pointy fabric on the top of the bag. First draft looks fabulous to me!

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  3. Always on the lookout for the perfect bag. Hope you will share your process soon!