Sunday, December 9, 2012

Catching up . . .

Where do the days go?
I seem to be quite distracted these days,
and haven't been doing a lot of sewing.

 I did finish my Whites-Lights quilt in time for our 
Metro Mod Guild meeting last weekend.
I love the way it turned out.
The quilting took a while, but was totally worth it!

This quilt is off at it's new home,
and was greatly appreciated by the special person who received it.

I also finally got my November Bee block off in the mail!
Sorry Dorothy!
I made you two, and they were fun!

My Jack Frost wreath got a bow and was dropped off
at the Nature Center for their auction.
I hope it did well . . . 

And now onto a new project!
I should really finish one of the 8 tops I have, but . . .

Look at all that yummy color just calling to me!
Ha!  Hope you are enjoying the weekend and the holidays.


  1. your whites are full of sunshine and so happy. Love it.

  2. Your Whites-Lights looks great. Save the 8 tops for a New Year's resolution and dive into that pile of color!

  3. Brilliant work on your White Lights. It is glowing with soft color. It will be a fun contrast when you jump into that bright pile of colors.

  4. So great! Love that wreath! Merry Christmas my friend. Big hugs to you int eh New year.. We're off in the A.m. for Wild Animal territory... roar!