Friday, December 21, 2012

Making a Terrairum

Being an apartment dweller these days,
I decided I needed a little terrarium to brighten up my place.

It was quite easy to put together.
First I found a glass jar with a lid.

I layered the bottom with sand and then big rocks.

This photo should have been first, I don't know why blogger
rearranges my pictures.  I guess it thinks it knows best.  Ha!
Here are my supplies gathered from the beach
and the local greenhouse.

So back to the layering.
Sand, rocks, shells, sea glass . . .

Potting Soil . . . 

I love the look of the shells and sea glass in there.
I had a big bowl of sea glass from all my gatherings 
at different beaches around the world.
My BIL will laugh at this, but the glass is being put to good use now.

Little plants and ferns and succulents added in.

And a couple of shells in the midst.
The kid thinks is needs a tiny gnome.
I think I agree, will need to hunt one done.

So here is my little peace of heaven.
Be grateful. 


  1. Nice garden for the winter. I like that you included some of the memories (glass). I got out some of my licky rocks today. Guess quilters are all hoarders.

    Have a great Christmas Terry