Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Resolution of Sorts . . .

Happy New Year . . .
a few days late.
I'm not one to make resolutions,
I always feel I'm setting myself up for failure.
If it's something I want to do or change,
I should just do it right?  No matter what day of the year it is.

So this year I decided that I am going to finish the tops that I have knocking around.
There are six or seven, and I have decided that I will try to
finish one top for every new project I start.
It sounds confining at first, but really it's about balance.

So here is the first top I have finished this year!
Ha!  I love when  you can say that 6 days into the year.

I started this quilt 6 years ago and lost steam
pretty quickly.

Then a friend gave me this great fabric.
She was cleaning out and gave me lots of great fabric actually.
So this is the first of many of her cast offs you will see.

Seeing this fabric inspired me to finish this quilt.
Also, I have the perfect person to give it to.
He is someone who has helped me greatly over the past year,
and I want him to know how much I appreciate it.

Yesterday, I was in the city for a quilty event.
I got to see lots of lovely women, we laughed, we hugged,
we enjoyed each other's company imensely!
My friend Chris showed some blocks she was working on.
Orange, yellow and navy blues.  
I loved the way the colors worked together.

It reminded me of a "Goldfish" quilt I wanted to make,
and have been collecting fabrics for for the last few years.

So when I went to the City Quilter and saw
this blue lobster in a fat quarter pack, I just knew I had to have it.
And so maybe this will be my "new project"
before my next "old" top.

The other fabrics just jumped in my arms.
You know how that goes . . . 
So are you a resolution maker or not?


  1. Doesn't it feel great to finish a top that old? Especially when it is also going out the door to someone special! I love your "goldfish" fabrics.

  2. I made a couple of resolutions kind of formally, and have a couple of more informal ones. My informal ones are knitting resolutions - like trying to knit down my ever growing stash. To really work well, a secondary resolution to not add to my stash should have been added, but that one's not going to happen. It's kind of like fabric just jumping into your arms - yarn does the same thing! The other resolution -totally doable - is to learn a new technique - double knitting.