Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Grooving

So things have been slow in the sweat shop these days,
I have been focusing on packing and moving and packing and moving.

I did get some time to work on my cathedral steps top
 and it's coming along nicely

I also finished my fabric crochet basket and now it holds all my yarn,
Seriously great color here.
 I had to shut down production and pack up my sewing room.
Now I know it looks like alot to some, but really,
I think this is pretty good.  And it's all going in my two big bookcases, so . . .
well . . . . it will be fine. 
And I don't have anyone telling me I have too much fabric!
 Here is my empty sewing room.  Just need to move those two tables . . .
It was a great room and has served me well,
I wonder what it will be next? 
A playroom?  An office?  Someone's hideaway?
 I hope they enjoy it as much as I have.
Time to get to that next adventure!
I am eager to get settled in the new place.
All in good time.

on another note  . . . . 

These sand bags where put out for hurricane Irene by a neighbor
who has trouble with water flooding her driveway.
They have now been moved to the side.
Barbarita commented, 
"Look this is the kind of Belgium Block we get in our neighborhood!"
She cracks me up!  

Hope you are having a great Sunday and are doing something fun!


  1. I adore your cathedral steps. And what a treasure your crocheted basket is. Your sewing room has so much wonderful light, I'm sure it will always be well-loved.

  2. your quilt is looking amazing!! Love your basket! nice finish! ;-)

  3. Good luck with the move! I'm about to start the packing process with my apartment, and it's good to see that quilting stuff can be packed successfully. I feel like I'll never get it all into boxes!

  4. I love your cathedral steps above!!!!! Where can I get the pattern?