Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Fabulous Quilty Day . . . .

I had sooo much fun today!
I started out at Christie's Quilting Boutique for
A Christmas in July sewing day
with the wonderful Kate Spain!

We made stockings and tags.
You know how I love sewing in a group!

All the happy busy bees at work.

Kate also spoke about her design process
and getting her ideas from head to paper to fabric.

There was much fabric stroking. Hehe.

Here you can see how her drawings transfer to the fabric.

Kate combined two designs to come for this fabric.
It was really interesting to see the progression of her ideas.

Unforunately I couldn't linger there because . . . . . 

I was headed to Ridgefield for a Denyse Schmidt workshop!
The Aldrich Contemporary Museum hosted our afternoon of fun.

Denyse first gave a talk on the work
Nancy mixes art she creates with found objects.
Many of her pieces look like nine patch blocks.

The mixing of materials and objects to create 
a sculptured piece fascinating.

She takes blocks of wood and wraps them in fabric,
or paints them and adds other elements.

After Denyse's discussion,
we moved to the studio for some sewing 
and design work.

There were all ages and levels of expertise in the room.
 We were going to sew some nine patches by hand!

Denyse showed how you could construct your blocks,
but really anything goes.
There were pre-cut blocks to use,
or if you brought fabric, templates to cut your blocks.
The old fashioned way, trace and cut.  
That's how I learned to do it a million years ago!

Denyse spent time with everyone.
She taught the youngest in the group how to hand piece.
So sweet.

Here is my first one.

And I managed to get two more done too.

The blocks are up on the wall in the classroom at 
The Aldrich Contemporary Museum.
Anyone may go in and add a block it they wish.
In a few weeks they will all be sewn together
and made into a community quilt.

I met some very fun and interesting people today.
I really needed to get out and do something fun.
A day well spent!


  1. Whatta day!! You really did it all...and I am so tickled to hear you are hand-piecing again. I've been enjoying that for years and years and years. Now if only quilted jackets would make a comeback, too...hehe.

  2. Holy cow! I only dream about such days! A year ago I was sewing with you at QBL! AQS Quilt Week is in Syracuse this coming week and I am going to look.