Saturday, October 22, 2016

Meadow Storm by Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Marcus Farbrics

I am so lucky!
I received this lovely stack of Meadow Storm fabrics
by Victoria Findlay Wolfe 
a few weeks ago from Marcus Fabrics.

There is something so fun in unwrapping a stack like this!
Spreading it out . . . Oh the possibilities!

This line has many wonderful fabrics,
but this one is a fave!  Misty!
I love the deep rich color.

Now what to do!  
I took out Victoria's victory block template set and started to play around.

I've used these templates before, but wanted to see if I could 
make something different with them.

They are very versatile.

I started by cutting out the darker valued fabrics first.
I wanted to make them pop with the lighter fabrics mixed in.

The black and white chevron, which I LOVE,
was too strong, so I thought maybe a border instead.
It looks like eye brows right?  Hehe

Wasn't loving it yet, so I cut up new centers.
This I love! But those eyebrows . . . .

I needed more light colored fabric, 
and lucky for me,
I just had some Mostly Manor Nelson on hand!

With some playing around, and re-arranging,
I found my layout!
I just love the different things I'm seeing here.
The eye brows found a perfect home and give me a cross
I had not anticipated.

Victoria's templates are fun and easy to use.
I love when my points come together and lay flat.

Here is my top all together.
(Sorry for the gloomy apartment pictures) 

Now to decide how to quilt it!

As you can see from the template page here,
there are lots of variations on this block to try out.

for the fun play time!

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  1. The fabrics look yummy. I love what you made with it. Hugs