Monday, July 9, 2012

Ella's Quilt

This week I decided to join Amy's 

I wanted to make sure I finished Ella's baby quilt,
and this was a good way to insure I did it!
I love the colors on this quilt, very bright and girlie.
You can see how it started here.

I did very organic channel quilting.
It's about every half inch, I used the side of my walking foot 
as a guide.

I saw this fence at the beach the other day and knew it had to 
be one of my new photo venues!

Here is the back with her name.

Sewing on the binding in the comfort of AC.

Another beachy shot.

And I couldn't resist this photo of all the kayaks.
LOVE those colors.

So thanks so much to Amy for throwing down the gauntlet,
and getting me to finish this quilt!
Now it's all ready for baby Ella to use.


  1. That quilt is just beautiful!

  2. Funny. I gave my great niece her quilt this weekend too. It sat finished for close to a month just waiting for a label. So I guess I met Amy's challenge without even knowing it. Yay! Take care, Byrd.

  3. Love that fabric under your presser foot! You take really interesting and colorful photos (like the kayaks) of the world around you. I think you must be very observant.

  4. what a bright and happy the colours.....

  5. love love love the colors! I've been collecting the pinks/oranges and corals now to get the project done. Ella is one lucky baby.

  6. Love those colours - orange and hot pink - yummy! Love the pic of the kayaks too! Had forgotten about the grey sand you guys have!

  7. Beautiful quilt!! And great quilting!! Love the colorful pics!!!

  8. I love that you put baby Ella's name on the back of the quilt :)

  9. Baby Ella is so lucky! Love those shots of quilt and colors of parked kayaks.

  10. This is adorable! I love the pictures and her cute name on the back! Great finish!

  11. Cute, cute quilt!! The kayaks look like they were just waiting for you to snap their picture. . . all clean and beautiful!!