Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sewing with friends

I had a real treat Friday!
My friend David came up from the city to sew with me.
Well, he sewed, I mostly giggled.

Here is the piece he is working on  now.
It's a charm quilt in a brick setting.

Here he is at the kid's sewing machine,
which I set up for company!
We had a ball I must say.

I am making slow progress on my string quilt.
But I love it.  Slow and steady wins the race!

David also brought me a bag of goodies.
I had to break this out right away.
A scalp conditioner.
It's silver on the inside.

I think I might have to think of a Halloween costume
centered around this.  Haha.
Sewing with friends, nothing better!


  1. Tell David I love his charm quilt. How big are is the "grout"? Your strings are looking good too.

  2. I love his quilt too! Is it a commercial pattern? Would love more details. Thanks!

  3. Me too!!
    ......and the scalp conditioner hat looks fabulous too! Hehe!

  4. Bet you two had a blast! Your quilts-in-progress look terrific, and so do you! Love that new halo of yours.

  5. Loving both quilts - great colours and my, my, my, what a fetching hat you have! Maybe an alien hairdresser?

  6. Knowing you both it's a wonder that either one of you got any sewing done ... love both quilts in progress!

  7. Okay I want in next time it..I will bite David's pattern. Smiles.