Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blue and White Quilt

Back in March, my friend Kate gave me a yummy
fat quarter pack of Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

I have been fondling it for months, 
and have just jumped in and cut them up!

I decided to make sixteen patch blocks
to show off these great fabrics.

I cut the fat quarters into 3.5 inch strips and sewed four together,
alternating them.

Then I cut that piece into 3.5 inch strips.

By flipping the alternating rows,
you get a quick and easy block.

I made sure that I pressed the seams in one direction,
so when you flip and join,
they match up perfectly.

I have about twenty more to make and then I'll have a cute top!

This quilt is going to be a wedding present.
If you can believe it,
I was a girl scout leader a million years ago,
and one of my girl scouts got married last week.
Man that makes me feel so old!
How could this be when I'm only about 28 myself?
Hehehe.  Just kidding.


  1. Yummy blocks, they will love it!

  2. Great plan for showing off the fabrics! The bride is going to love it.

  3. It is eerie how you posted this today. Just this morning (in church) I whipped out my design book and calculated yardage and pattern measurements for a 36-patch that I plan to use Kaffe fabrics for. My design book goes everywhere because you never know when a good idea will strike!

  4. I like what you are doing with them! And hey - about being only 28 - I'm ready to line up behind you and lie right with you.

  5. It is going to be gorgeous! Lucky wedding couple! Happy stitching!