Sunday, November 11, 2012

And there was light . . . .

I meant to do this post last weekend when I finally got power back . . 
But, when you haven't had power for five days, 
you don't think about blogging, you think about doing
everything else you couldn't do for five days!
Sewing, having a hot shower, cooking a nice meal,
watching a movie, listening to music.
I hate to admit how dependent I am on electricity!

This week I did do a lot of sewing on my whites and lights
challenge quilt.

My blocks are 12.5" square and I ended up making 30 of them.
The top is finished at 60" x 72."

I love they way this top turned out!
Now to layer it and start quilting!

And here's to all our veterans and active duty soldiers
defending our country.
My brother is in Afghanistan, and his wife, 
my SIL, a veteran herself,
is home taking care of two small children by herself.
These are two of the heroes in my life,
and I salute them!
Happy Veterans Day Doug and Jess!!


  1. This quilt is gorgeous! It almost seems to swirl around. And my thanks to Doug and Jess!

  2. Wow Lisa, that is gorgeous. Hope you'll be bringing it along to a guild meeting? Glad you've got power back :)

  3. How appropriate that you finished your "light" quilt in concert with getting your electric lights back! I love the quilt too--pure softness.

  4. You are pics of quilt looking awesome just keep it up.