Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scrappy Sunday . . . .

Today I worked on a few things . . . Scrappy!
First a bee block for Maren, in our NYC Metro Mod Modern Bee
She wanted these confetti blocks.

I must admit I thought this would be a breeze,
but it wasn't and I was loving the challenge!
First cut up little rectangles of color,
Then cut the background into strips.

Make little blocks.  I pressed to the dark so there 
wouldn't be so many seams showing.

Now to puzzle them together.
This was the fun/challenging part.
Add some more background, cut some away,
until they all fit together.

Here is the finished block.
Very effective.  Can't wait to see Maren's quilt all together.

I also worked on a scrap challenge from Victoria's
She set us up with swap partners and we exchanged boxes of scraps.
Then went about making a piece of fabric from the scraps.
I think I received enough fabric to make a whole quilt!
Haha.  Can't wait to get back to them and make some more.

Next up is a project of love.
The kid made this quilt 10 years ago.
It has been loved to the brink of falling apart.
But before it does fall apart,
This mama is going to relayer it and quilt it again
in hopes of saving it for a few more years.

As told the kid,
"You just don't get rid of something because it has a few wrinkles and rips.
Or is falling apart at the seams!"
Do you think I was talking about me?? Hehe.  
More on quilt repair in the next few weeks.


  1. The crumb block looks interesting. How big is it?
    The scrap swap posts are fun to watch. I missed this time but maybe for the best i still have the project from V's visit
    I'll watch the rescue eagerly.

  2. That's a lot of sewing in the confetti block but very interesting. It will be fun to see the whole quilt. You are a very sweet mom to redo a whole quilt. Double the love!