Sunday, May 5, 2013

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts . . . .

A quilty weekend indeed!
Margaret, Ellen and I had a great weekend spent at Jody's house 
and going to three quilt events.
Jody was quite the hostess!  We all felt like we were on vacation. Hehe.

Keep our rooms open for the summer!  

First up was the Northern Star Quilt Show in Somers, NY

I must warn you, this is a huge photo post today.
Please enjoy this quilt show . . . 

This modern quilt above was my favorite.  It had tremendous quilting
and many layers and the texture was mesmerizing. 
The photo doesn't do it justice.

This quilt below was made with blocks that were all labels
from clothing and other things.  Vintage and newer.

Some very cool ones too.
See B. Altmans in the upper left hand corner?

I LOVED the quilting on this one too.

Some details.

I even saw a mermaid poster!

Chris joined us for the show too!

It was a beautiful day.

Then we headed to the Trunk Show at John Jay Homestead.
Lots of cool things to look at and buy.

And a poem quilt.
All the quilting is continuous script.  Very cool!

After lunch, we hit the Katonah Museum of Art
for the Beyond the Bed: The American Quilt Evolution exhibit.
Now photos allowed, so get your bum there if you can!

These little quilts are on sale in the lobby to raise money for the museum.

So fun to see all the different styles.
Love this fundraising idea. 

We had such a great time together, telling stories, giggling and enjoying
each other's company. 
Thank you Jody so much for your hospitality!

Did I say it was a beautiful day?
When I got home, I had to go for a long walk.

I just love this time of year.  The colors are amazing and inspiring.


  1. fabulous pictures -- way to hard to choose a favorite!

  2. Thanks! A busy weekend on the home front prevented me from attending these events. I really appreciate your posting the pics. Take care, Byrd

  3. Thanks for all the eye candy!

  4. A fabulous day filled with beautiful quilts, great friends, bright sunshine etc. etc. Glad you all could be here.

  5. Great quilts and what a fab weekend, thanks so much for sharing Lisa :)

  6. What a lovely weekend and great quilts!

  7. Wow, that show always knocks my socks off. Couldn't make it this year, so I thank you for putting up these photos. Can't wait for next year's.