Sunday, June 2, 2013

So where have I been, you ask?

Well, I certainly haven't been sewing very much!
I have been traveling a bit, working alot,
going out with friends . . . 

And ignoring my sewing room. 
It's that time of year I guess, the weather gets nice and all you want 
to do it be outside.

I have been working on this little thing. 
It's 12" x 6.5"
I started fooling around with it a few months ago 
and it has been up on my design wall languishing.

I paper pieced all the sections
and then pieced those together.

Once I actually focused on it,
it only took me a couple of hours.

Now what?  Not sure.  
Maybe a mug rug so I'm ready
the next time I need a gifty.

On another note . . . 
yesterday was out last Metro Mod Meeting for the year.
Victoria and Earamichia are moving off the board of directors
so everyone made them letter blocks as a thank you.
Victoria got orange V's and Earamichia got purple E's
Aren't they yummy!!

Victoria has been such a great President for the past 4 years.
And Earamicha as Secretary has been amazing with all of her knowledge.
BUT, they aren't going anywhere!  Right girls?
Sorry E, I didn't get a picture of you.

We played a little trick on Victoria too.
We pretended to silent auction a group quilt she loves
always intending to give it to her as a thank you.
Of course she was the highest bidder!
Look at that happy face!

You'll be able to see all the fabulous show and tell over here in a few days.
Have a great weekend!

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