Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sewing Sunday . . .

So does absence make the heart grow fonder?
I certainly think so and hope so.
My beloved sewing machine was away for five days. Hehe.
Yes I missed her.  Luckily she didn't need as much surgery as
I thought she would . . . 
Here is the pile of triangles I am working on for a wedding quilt 
for my cousin.

My lovely Bernina back on her pedestal . . . um table.

I was trying out layouts for this new quilt . . 
I was going to go with a traditional 1,000 pyramids layout . . .

But decided to go all scrappy on it instead.
I am loving the look.
Sorry about the photo, inside at night is never a good one.

I dragged out my hexies while I was without her (the sewing machine!). . .
I didn't get very far.
I think I might have to take this on vacation with me this summer.
It always gets pushed to the back burner.
Do you have projects like that?

on another note . . . 
My Mom was in town for a quick visit this week.
The kid & I got to spend some time with her.

Mom & I used to be the same height.
I was teasing her that she is shrinking.
That is going to bite me in the bum one day I'm sure!
Hope you had a good weekend,
and remember to kiss the ones you love! 


  1. Love both of your projects - so happy and sunny! You have the best stash/collection! I'm thinking...I have a long car trip coming up, maybe some hexies are in my future too!

  2. Mom may be losing an inch, but her proud smile more than makes up for it!
    I call my back burner projects Lifetimers and am in no great hurry to end them!
    Hexies are just so great to carry around, and am delighted to see them everywhere I go now...Sending hugs and xxxxx!

  3. Lovely triangle quilt--the yellows really make it dance!
    best from Tunisia,