Friday, July 12, 2013

Luckett's Antique-Vintage Store

Last Weekend I was in Virginia visting some buddies and 
we stumbled upon this wonderful Shop!

I legend we have come to find out.

A cross between an antique store, flea market and tag sale.

Lots of wonderful architectural pieces . . .

Vintage metals . . .

I loved all the metal letters they had lying around . . 

I didn't do this, but after I saw this, I wanted
to arrange words all over the place! Hehe.

Lots of great gardening ideas . . . 

More letters, and how about those vintage pink lockers?!

An old door becomes a table . . . 

More yummy doors . . .  

A snappy garden walk . . . 

A hutch with curved glass . . . 

A floor candelabra . . 
Where was this when I had a terrace??

And this cheeky lamp!
Who needs the party girl when you have this!

I loved this sign too . . . 
So true.

So there you have it.
I love a great vintage store as much as I love a fabric store.
Oh my!  Did I say that out loud??


  1. Amazing. I can't imagine how long it must have taken to collect ALL those unrelated items and have such a great ambiance. Loved it. Those sort of places exist here in more rural areas where land is not so expensive. They are always fun.

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  3. I'll have to check this out sometime, looks like my kind of place to browse around. Did you find any fabric stores?