Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sweat Shop Sunday . . .

Well, sweat shop weekend really . . . 
So good to be home with nothing more to do than what 
I really want to!
I am almost done quilting the wedding quilt 
for my cousin and his bride. . .

And I started and almost finished a baby quilt for 
a friend that is going to visit his first grandson!

My friend has four girls!
And this is the first grandchild, a son! 
Hehe.  Love that.

I used Tonya Ricucci's book for guidance on the letters.
This is a GREAT book!

I also used clips for the first time for the binding.
No stabbing bleeding fingers.
Why did I resist?
Must be that redheaded thing . . . 

My two weekend projects one peeking out from underneath. 

on another note . . . 

How about this great gate I found?
I can say that many quilts will be photographed here 
in the future!

And the jean pillow has found a happy home
going off to college in a few weeks!

The perfect place to tuck a phone that is also an alarm.
Hope you got to do exactly what you wanted to do this weekend!


  1. Love your new gate.....nice find...

  2. wonderful quilts & jean pillow. I am certain that the recipients will treasure them. That gate is a treasure. Looking forward to seeing quilt photos there soon.

  3. You are really doing good things, Lisa. I am still working on my Fractured, which is my priority now.

  4. Love the backing AND letters on the baby quilt!