Sunday, August 4, 2013

Playing Hooky . . .

No sewing this weekend . . .
It was the kid's birthday so there were lots of festivities.

Shopping . . . 

I found this beautiful mermaid painted on a piece of wood.
The knots were her belly button and "ahem" other things . . .
She is firming ensconced by my front door now.
This picture makes her look like she has a black eye, 
but it is really teal eye shadow.

There was a major slumber party in my tiny apartment.
Five girls!!  What fun.  Felt like college again.
And yes, waiting for the bathroom is not always easy.  Hehe.

There was great food and drink outside on a beautiful night.

There was one of the ten best beach days this summer!

And finally there were pedicures and giggles.
Well, there were giggles the whole time!

Happy Birthday Kid!
Love you to pieces. 

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  1. Oh, what a lovely post! You gals have the cutest toes!! And are the mermaid's knots winking??